When Love Springs

“When Love Springs” is the final movie from Hallmark Channel’s ‘Spring Into Love’ line up for 2023. This movie stars Rhiannon Fish as Rory and premiered on Saturday, May 6th. Listen as Megan and Wendy review the second movie this spring season starring Fish. Do sparks fly with her co-star like we saw in “A Picture of Her” with Tyler Hynes?

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Girls Gone Hallmark is a Hallmark movie review podcast hosted by Megan and Wendy. Listen in as they review "When Love Springs" starring Rhiannon Fish.
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Girls Gone Hallmark is a Hallmark podcast hosted by Megan and Wendy. Listen as they review Hallmark Channel original movies every week. Today, Megan and Wendy review “When Love Springs” starring Rhiannon Fish.

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About “When Love Springs”

  • This movie was filmed on location in Brisbane, Australia in December 2022.
  • Rhiannon Fish plays Rory – we saw her most recently in “A Picture of Her” alongside Tyler Hynes. She’s also appeared in a handful of other Hallmark movies include “Nikki & Nora Sister Sleuths” and “The 27 Hour Day.”

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Tons of Hallmark Newbies on the Crew

  • “When Love Springs” was directed by Jo-Anne Brechin. She has 15 directing credits but this is her first for Hallmark Channel. She previously directed the Australian TV series “Miss Ink,” a documentary about the Miss Ink Australia pageant celebrating tattooed women.
  • Writing credit for “When Love Springs” goes to Ansley Gordon who has 12 writing credits and 28 acting credits. She both wrote and starred in “Love on the Reef.”
  • James William O’Halloran plays Noah. He is kind of a newbie with 25 acting credits, many of them are guest spots on popular sitcoms like “Single Parents,” “SuperStore” and “The Mindy Project” where he played Hot Man #2. Was also a model on game show “The Price is Right.”
  • Callan Colley plays ex-boyfriend Jason. He is even more of a newbie with only six acting credits including two episodes of the Netflix series “The Letdown.”
  • Renee Herbert plays sister Cleo. She has six acting credits,  mostly music videos and short films.
  • Erin Connor plays mom Lyla Richards. She has 42 acting credits, mostly Australian TV series.

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