You, Me & the Christmas Trees

Celebrate Christmas in July with Girls Gone Hallmark! Listen in as Megan and Wendy review “You, Me & the Christmas Trees” which premiered as part of the 2021 Countdown to Christmas on Friday, October 22, 2021. Look for the ‘Did You See That?’ when Benjamin Ayres tops his hot cocoa with whipped cream and then in the next scene it is magically gone.

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Girls Gone Hallmark is a Hallmark movie review podcast hosted by Megan and Wendy. Listen in as they review the 2021 holiday movie "You, Me & the Christmas Trees" starring Benjamin Ayres.
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Girls Gone Hallmark celebrates Christmas in July with a review of “You, Me & the Christmas Trees” written by Julie Sherman Wolfe and stars Benjamin Ayres.

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About “You, Me & the Christmas Trees”

  • This movie was written by Julie Sherman Wolfe who currently has 33 writing credits. She has written several hits like “Hanukkah on Rye” and “A Holiday Spectacular” both from 2022. Next up from Julie is “Field Day.”
  • David Winning directed “You, Me & the Christmas Trees.” He has directed an impressive 78 movies inclusing Hallmark favorites like “The Nine Kittens of Christmas,” “The 27-Hour Day,” and “Time For Him to Come Home for Christmas.” Winning is also the director on Wolfe’s “Field Day.”
  • Benjamin Ayres stars as Jack. He currently has 92 acting credits including last year’s “Long Lost Christmas.” Ayres has a side project called Romance University which drops limited merchandise featuring fan favorite stars from Hallmark Channel.
  • This movie also includes Danica McKellar who left Hallmark Channel for GAF and signed an exclusive deal with the network that lasts through 2023.
  • According to Heavy, this movie was filmed in Canada during a heatwave. It is supposed to take place in real-live Avon where Julie Sherman Wolfe currently resides with her family.

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