Love to the Rescue

This week Megan and Wendy review “Love to the Rescue” as requested by listener of the podcast Paula! This movie premiered back in 2019 and stars Nikki DeLoach and Michael Rady as two single parents who connect over a rescued dog named Bruce. Girls Gone Hallmark will review Hallmark favorites all summer long! See the calendar below so you can watch along.

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Megan and Wendy review "Love to the Rescue" starring Michael Rady and Nikki DeLoach. This movie premiered in 2019 but Megan and Wendy are review Hallmark fan favorites all summer long!
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Megan and Wendy are Girls Gone Hallmark. Listen in as they review fan favorite Hallmark movies all summer long!

About “Love to the Rescue”

  • This script was written by Sarah Montana who has four other writing credits including “A New Year’s Resolution,” “If I Only Had Christmas,” and “Two Turtle Doves.” She is currently in pre-production of a Christmas movies called “Rescuing Christmas” starring Rachel Leigh Cook (will be interested to see if this lands on Hallmark or elsewhere).

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  • Directed by Steven R. Monroe who has 54 directing credits including “Caribbean Summer,” “A Winter Getaway,” and “Marrying Mr. Darcy.” 
  • Nikki DeLoach stars as Kate. The last new project from Nikki that we saw was “Curious Caterer: Grilling Season.” I also noticed on her IMDb that she is in production (at the time of this recording – April 2023) in a new Curious Caterer movie called “The Last Suppers.”
  • Michael Rady plays Eric Smith. We last saw him on Hallmark in “Unexpected Grace” which drew some interesting critiques from a few in our Facebook group. He works a lot outside of the Hallmark universe, including as a regular on Magnum PI, Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, but he’ll always be the teenage cutie Kostas from “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”
  • Shout out to Zip who played Bruce the dog. Sadly he doesn’t have any other work listed on IMDb.
  • Loved that Kate and her ex-husband got along, successfully co-parenting.
  • This was filmed entirely in Savannah, Georgia.
  • This movie got a 6.9/10 from users on IMDb.

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Megan and Wendy are Girls Gone Hallmark. Listen to this podcast where they review Hallmark movies and series. Summer 2023 includes some of Hallmark favorites, including today's review of #LoveToTheRescue starring #NikkiDeLoach and #MichaelRady. #HallmarkPodcast #HallmarkMovieReviews

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