Everything Coming to Hallmark in May

As we turn the page to May, the usually bustling spring schedule from the Hallmark Channel appears a bit lighter than usual. It seems the ripple effects of the industry strikes have finally begun to touch our beloved channel, resulting in fewer premieres this month.

But, fret not Hallmark fans, while the pickings might be slimmer, there are still a few gems to look forward to that promise to deliver the heartfelt entertainment we all cherish. This post has been updated!

Everything new coming to the Hallmark Channel this May 2024.

Hallmark Channel’s May Movie Lineup: A Quieter Month Ahead

Hallmark Media announced just three new movies for the month of May 2024. Hallmark Channel and the newly rebranded Hallmark Mystery will each premiere new movies.

New Movies Coming to the Hallmark Channel in May 2024

A Whitewater Romance

Premiere: Saturday, May 11, 2024

Stars: Cindy Busby and Ben Hollingsworth

Maya attends an exclusive business retreat in the Rocky Mountains where she meets Matt who, initially, is her competitor. As they’re forced to pair up, an unlikely connection begins to evolve. 

First impression: Recycled outdated tropes yet again. Let’s hope this one surprises us.

Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

Premieres: Friday, May 17, 2024 on Hallmark Mystery

Stars: Amanda Schull and Brendan Penny

A former Army surgeon moves back to her hometown and joins a practice of family doctors, but when she’s drawn into solving the mysterious death of a patient, her quiet life becomes upended.

First impression: There is no doubt Hallmark Mystery has been killing (no pun intended) the game this year. This movie and its pairing are highly anticipated by many.

Everything Puppies

Premiere: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Stars: Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, Stephen Huszar, and Kathryn Davis.

A dedicated entrepreneur and inventor looking to make it big creating innovative dog toys and treats finds success with the support of a handsome client. 

First impression: Woof.

Beyond the premieres, this period also offers an excellent opportunity for fans to explore the extensive back catalog available on both channels. From seasonal favorites to overlooked gems, there’s plenty to discover or revisit.

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