Where Are You, Christmas?

Welcome to Girls Gone Hallmark, a podcast dedicated to reviewing Hallmark movies! Today, Megan and Wendy will be sharing their thoughts on the highly talked about movie “Where Are You, Christmas?” which premiered during the first weekend of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. This movie has been the subject of much debate, with many differing opinions on its experimental nature. If you’re curious about where Girls Gone Hallmark stands on this movie, then tune in and find out!

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About “Where Are You, Christmas?”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdg_DdJd4l0?si=oqITAaG-wzVwneIs&w=560&h=315]
  • Stars Lyndsy Fonseca as Addy. She has 50 acting credits, including Hallmark’s “North to Home” and “Next Stop, Christmas.” She also recently appeared in a feature film called “Spinning Gold” which was out in theaters earlier this year. The movie is a bio-pic that stars Hallmark fave Jeremy Jordan.
  • Michael Rady plays Hunter. He has 55 acting credits including “Unexpected Grace” from earlier this year. You can catch Rady as Chris Childs on “Magnum P.I.”
    • A fun programming note: we will be revisiting Michael Rady’s “A New Year’s Resolution” – a movie Wendy notoriously hated upon first watch back in 2021. The new revisited episode will drop on January 2nd.

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  • Jim O’Heir plays Addy father. He has nearly 200 acting credits and is probably best known for his role as Jerry on the comedy “Parks & Rec” where he appeared in 121 episodes from 2009-2015.
  • Julie Warner plays mom Sharon. She has 54 acting credits and has been in movies like Tommy Boy and Doc Hollywood.
  • Mandi Masden plays teacher Dana. Mandi has a short resume, with only 14 acting credits. She appeared in one episode of “And Just Like That” in 2022. 
  • Andrew David Bridges is Addy’s brother, Connor. He’s another up and coming actor with just 19 previous acting credits.
  • Dustin Rikert directed. This guy has done a ton of directing, producing, and writing. Some of his directing work includes “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Next Stop, Christmas” “One Royal Holiday” and this year’s “A Merry Scottish Christmas.”

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  • Writing credit is shared by Michael Reisz and Timothy Kuryak. Michael Reisz previously penned “Sweet Carolina” from 2021. And Timothy Kuryak has 6 previous writing credits but this appears to be his first Hallmark gig.
  • Keith Costumes did the costumes for this movie. We’ll have Keith on the podcast on November 2nd to join us in our review of “Mystic Christmas” – where he also did the costumes.
  • This movie was filmed in Connecticut in the spring, around late March 2023.

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