What’s on Hallmark in September 2023

September 2023 is set to be an exciting month for Hallmark Channel fans as they will be treated to four all-new original movie premieres as part of the Fall into Love programming event.

These movies will transport viewers to the Smoky Mountains, where former sweethearts reunite, and fall in love on the gridiron as football season kicks off.

Additionally, viewers can enjoy a heartfelt story of two people coming together in the most unlikely places and be immersed in the wonders of Italy.

Finally, the return of Luke Macfarlane!

What's on Hallmark Channel in September 2023

But that’s not all! Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is also releasing three exciting new originals. First is an inspiring story about a woman who learns to adapt to a new way of life following an accident.

Then, there are two thrilling mysteries – one featuring a spectral sleuth, and the other offering fans a murder mystery like they’ve never seen before.

Coming to Hallmark in September 2023

Saturday, September 2
Starring: Arielle Kebbel, Zach Roerig

A chance reunion at an archaeological dig in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park brings former lovers (played by Kebbel and Roerig) back together. As they both compete for the same research grant, they begin to realize that their feelings for each other may still be alive.

Our predictions for future National Park Romance movies might have been off base, but we were definitely right about it becoming a franchise!

Saturday, September 9
Starring: Pascale Hutton, Ryan Paevey

Fourth Down and Love – Photo Courtesy of Hallmark

A professional football player (Paevey) and a single mother (Hutton) rediscover their connection when they coincidentally meet again on the flag football field where her daughter plays, after his career is put on pause due to a sports injury.

Saturday, September 16
Starring: Ashley Williams, Luke Macfarlane, Marcus Rosner, Peter Porte

Leo (Luke Macfarlane), a successful author, is currently struggling with writer’s block. The pressure to complete the next installment of his popular book series is weighing on him heavily. In an effort to find inspiration, Leo temporarily swaps homes with his best friend, Ellie (Ashley Williams). While staying at Ellie’s place, he meets a man named Matt (played by Porte) who helps him overcome his creative block and discover new ideas for his writing. Thanks to Matt’s guidance, Leo is able to break out of his rut and find the inspiration he needs to complete his book.

Saturday, September 23
Starring: Emilie Ullerup, Peter Mooney, Meghan Heffern, Donald Heng

Abby and Sean were once inseparable, but their friendship ended on a sour note at their graduation party. Years later, Abby attends a wilderness retreat with her friend Rachel. Guess who she unexpectedly comes face to face with – Sean!

The reunion doesn’t go smoothly, leading to tension between the two. When they become lost on a hiking trip, they’re forced to work together to find their way back. As they navigate through the wilderness, they begin to understand the reasons why their friendship fell apart. They come to realize that perhaps they can mend their relationship and move forward together.

September 2023 Movie Lineup Hallmark Channel

Saturday, September 30 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Stephanie Leonidas, Raniero Monaco Di Lapio

Amy (Leonidas), an executive at Blossom based in New York City, is given the task of launching a meal prep kit service. However, the project requires the expertise of a chef, and Amy has her sights set on Marcello Barone (Di Lapio), an Italian chef. Despite her best efforts, Marcello declines the offer due to a previous negative experience in the New York restaurant scene.

In a bid to persuade him, Amy enrolls in Marcello’s cooking school, located in a magnificent Venetian palace. During her stay, Marcello introduces her to the joys of Italian cuisine, which emphasizes fresh ingredients and a relaxed pace. When the course ends and Marcello is still reluctant to return to New York, Amy faces a difficult decision: to leave Venice or stay behind.

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Coming to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in September 2023

Friday, September 8
Starring: Sarah Drew, Antonio Cupo, Eric McCormack

\Guiding Emily – Photo Courtesy of Hallmark

Emily’s life takes a turn after a tragic rock-climbing accident leaves her permanently blind. She struggles to come to terms with her new reality, while simultaneously a potential guide dog, Garth (voiced by McCormack), is facing his own challenges during his rigorous training. Emily’s friend Matthew (Cupo) and Garth’s trainer Katie (Sharon Taylor, “Nancy Drew”) work together to help them both overcome their obstacles. Although they miss each other a few times, they eventually cross paths and Garth becomes Emily’s guide dog. With Garth by her side, Emily faces her biggest challenge yet with an open heart.

Friday, September 22
Starring: Tamera Mowry-Housley, Risteard Cooper, Marco Grazzini, Adam Fergus

The Story of Gethsemane Brown: A Music Teacher’s Ghostly Investigation
Gethsemane Brown (played by Mowry-Housley), a former orchestra conductor, moves to the Irish countryside to teach music at St. Brendan’s boarding school. While deciphering a cryptic musical message, she encounters Eamon McCarthy (Cooper), a celebrated composer rumored to be involved in his partner’s death. The twist? Eamon is a ghost! Desperate to find the true culprit, Eamon asks for Gethsemane’s help so that he can reunite with his beloved in the afterlife.

Together, they embark on a quest, but they face obstacles along the way. Inspector O’Reilly (Fergus), who is smitten with Gethsemane, is not supportive of her investigation. Meanwhile, Gethsemane is also working to turn her students, with their varying musical talents, into a choir that can compete at Regionals. She receives aid from a handsome math teacher, Griff (Grazzini), but it’s still an uphill battle.

As Gethsemane gets closer to solving Eamon’s case, the situation becomes increasingly dangerous. Will she make it out alive? Or will she become just another ghostly inhabitant of St. Brendan’s?

Friday, September 29
Starring: Elizabeth Henstridge, Charlie Weber

Emilia Priestly (played by Henstridge), a psychiatrist for the London Police, is in dire need of a break from her high-pressure job. Enter her wealthy friend, Baroness Jane Alcott (played by Kezia Burrows of “Crash” fame), who invites her to an immersive murder-mystery-themed resort named Mystery Island, where a special retreat for the original investors is taking place.

Mystery Island on Hallmark Channel
When a visit to a mystery-themed resort goes wrong, a local detective and a vacationing British criminal psychiatrist team up to solve a real murder. Photo: Charles Weber, Noelia Rothery, Andres Morales, Kara Lane, Henry Twohy Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Alberto Rodriguez

However, as the mystery game kicks off, tragedy strikes: John Murtaugh (played by Robert Getman), the founder of the resort, is killed. The guests are confined to the island as the local detective, Jason Trent (played by Weber), begins his investigation.

Once Emilia proves her innocence, she utilizes her unique skills to help Jason find the murderer. The boundaries between the game and reality begin to blur as they uncover the complex web of romance, revenge, and betrayal behind the resort, its guests, and its elusive founder.

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