Sweet Carolina

Megan and Wendy are back with this Girls Gone Hallmark bonus episode where they recap and review “Sweet Carolina” starring Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes. Where does this movie rank considering it’s a stand-alone Hallmark movie? Does Tyler Hynes deliver his trademark sexiness in this devastatingly sad movie? Let’s discuss it all.

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NEW PODCAST: Megan and Wendy review the brand new Tyler Hynes movie called "Sweet Carolina." Where does this Hallmark movie rank for you? #Hallmarkies #Hynies #TylerHynes
Megan and Wendy review the new Tyler Hynes movie “Sweet Carolina” which premiered on May 15, 2021.

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News and Notes about Sweet Carolina

  • “Sweet Carolina” took place in North Carolina but was actually filmed in British Columbia, including Vancouver and Maple Ridge.
  • The story was developed by Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Prince.

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Did You See That?

One of our favorite segments of the podcast is Did You See That? where we point out, scrutinize and sometimes ever critique specific scenes from the movie.

During this episode, we talk about this scene several times. First, because it was truly funny and felt organic. Lacey Chabert gets nailed in the face with a handful of baking flour and her reaction is priceless.

We also talked about the candies on the countertop. The characters are supposed to be baking cookies for a fundraiser. While chocolate chips and other candies like M&Ms are reasonable choices to add to cookies, it looks like one container is full of hard candies like Runts. Tell us those aren’t Runts bananas in that center container.

Did you love Sweet Carolina? This movie made Megan cry so hard that she had to wash her face and re-apply makeup!

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