Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Megan and Wendy recap and review Hallmark Channel’s “Baby, It’s Cold Inside” starring Jocelyn Hudon and Steve Lund. This is the first movie Wendy couldn’t finish. Megan is left with the burden of reviewing the whole movie but not before Wendy melts down about pancakes.

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Baby It's Cold Inside Hallmark Movie Review - Megan and Wendy share their thoughts on the Hallmark Original Movie Baby It's Cold Inside

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News and Notes About Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Baby, It’s Cold Inside was filmed on location in Quebec at a real ice hotel. In fact, Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America and is operational during the months of January to March.

Would you ever stay at an ice hotel? Email us.

Actor Steve Lund said the filming location was so cold that electric socks were a must have. Electric socks? Who knew electric socks were even a thing? You can get them on Amazon for less that $40.

What is a Kransekake?

It was mentioned in this movie that the Ice Hotel was trying to wow the travel reviewer guy with some traditional Nordic desserts, specifically a kransekake. A kransekake is a tower of delicate cookie rings and is commonly served at weddings, parties and holidays.

The kransekake used in Baby, It’s Cold Inside was a stack of pancakes. It wasn’t even close to what a kransekake looks like.

Hanna then tried saving the day with an Aebleskiver recipe which is a round pancake ball typically served for breakfast. She somehow made a whole bunch of them using a cake pop pan. Nope. This what an Aebleskiver pan looks like. I’ve never ever heard of making Aebleskivers in a cake pop pan.

Finally, the travel reviewer guy is presented with the classic French dessert: a croque-en-bouche.

This whole scene in Baby, It’s Cold Inside was such a mess.

What Next for Girls Gone Hallmark?

Stay tuned as we’ll be back next week to review Sweet Carolina starring Lacey Chabert and Mr. Hynie himself.

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