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Welcome back to your go-to podcast for Hallmark movie reviews – Girls Gone Hallmark! Join Megan and Wendy as they review the brand new Hallmark Channel original “Paging Mr. Darcy” and share their unexpected swoons. Plus what they wished for and the ‘Did Ya See That?’ moment that included a throwback Hallmark movie.

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Join Megan and Wendy as they review the brand new Hallmark Channel original "Paging Mr. Darcy" and share their unexpected swoons. Plus what they wished for and the 'Did Ya See That?' moment that included a throwback Hallmark movie. #WillKemp

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“Paging Mr. Darcy” Hallmark Trailer


About “Paging Mr. Darcy

  • “Paging Mr. Darcy” was directed by Peter Wellington. This is his first Hallmark movie in his 25 movie repertoire. Previous directing credits include “Kim’s Convenience,” “Saving Hope,” and “Children Ruin Everything.”
  • Reina Hardy wrote the script for “Paging Mr. Darcy.” This is Reina’s very first movie writing credit, however she is an accomplished playwright and has written 22 plays. She also recently sold a book to Simon and Schuster titled “Shitty Boyfriends of Western Literature.”
  • Mallory Jansen plays Eloise. She has 19 total acting credits and since we first saw her in “On the 12th Date of Christmas,” she has appeared in “Her Pen Pal” and “Francesca Quinn, PI” as well as on the FOX series “The Big Leap.”

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  • Will Kemp plays Sam Lee. Will has 46 acting credits and we most recently saw him in “A Not So Royal Christmas” and in one of our favorite cameos of the season on “A Merry Scottish Christmas.”
  • David Picard plays the role of “charming man.” David has 29 acting credits and appeared in “Christmas By Design” and “The Love Club: Nicoles’ Pen Pal” for Hallmark Channel.
  • Jinny Wong plays Annabelle. Jinny has 22 acting credits and this is her second movie for the network. She appeared in “Unlocking Christmas” as well as in the 2023 movie “Blackberry.”
  • Lilian Doucet-Roche plays Mia Cavendish. Lillians recently acting credits among her 17 total are all Hallmark – “Guiding Emily,” “The Professional Bridesmaid,” “#XMAS” and “The 27 Hour Day.”

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  • It’s assumed that this was a follow up to “Marrying Mr. Darcy” and “Unleashing Mr. Darcy” starring Cindy Busby and Ryan Paevey, however the movies are unrelated.
  • Paging Mr. Darcy started filming in Ottawa, Canada on October 15, 2023. Filming locations included Carleton Place and the Grand Hotel.

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