A Merry Scottish Christmas

Welcome to Girls Gone Hallmark, your favorite Hallmark movie podcast that brings honest and entertaining reviews twice weekly! In today’s new episode, Megan and Wendy, review this season’s highly anticipated “A Merry Scottish Christmas” starring Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf. Yes, that’s right! The Salinger siblings are reunited again but with a royal twist this time around. Grab a pint and let’s chat “A Merry Scottish Christmas!”

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About “A Merry Scottish Christmas”

  • A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS. The Saturday Hallmark Original drew a same-day aud of 3.3M viewers, beating everything on broadcast or cable primetime that night (save for ABC’s WA vs OR college football game) in viewers & W18-49 (0.47) (Source: TV Mo Joe0)
  • Written by Andrea Canning and Audrey Shulman.
    Audrey Shulman has seven writing credits including: “Every Time a Bell Rings,” “The 27 Hour Day” and “As Luck Would Have It.”
    Andrea Canning has 21 writing credits which include “A Paris Proposal,” “Christmas Bedtime Stories” and “South Beach Love.”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXqyEH87CR0?si=Pg7DuNGfkyu6Rgt0&w=560&h=315]
  • “A Merry Scottish Christmas” was directed by Dustin Rikert. Dustin has 26 directing credits. Previous Hallmark movies include: “Where Are You, Christmas?” and “Next Stop, Christmas.”
  • Lacey Chabert (Dr. Lindsey Morgan) with 176 acting credits, Lacey shows no sign of slowing down. She has appeared in SIX Hallmark movies this year in addition to voice work on “Harriet the Spy” and “Harley Quinn.”

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  • Scott Wolf (Brad Morgan) What has Bailey Salinger been doing since the year 2000 you ask? Working steadily! He had roles in series like “Everwood,” “The Nine,” “V,” “The Night Shift” and “Perception.” Most recently he has been in 63 episodes of “Nancy Drew” on The CW, all to round out his 51 acting credits. 

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  • James Robinson (Mac Bell) This Scottish wowie zowie has 28 acting credits. Although this appears to be his first Hallmark movie, it isn’t his first TV Christmas movie. He wa sin Saving Christmas Spirit with Ashley Newbrough, which aired somewhere other than Hallmark
  • Kellie Blaise (Sarah Morgan) in addition to acting, Kellie is an accomplished singer. She starred in the Irish Rom Com “The O’Briens” and contributed two original songs to the film.
  • Fiona Bell (Josephine) 
  • Gerry O’Brien (Graeme Stewart) 
  • Tom Doonan (Hamish) 
  • Laura Hughes (Elspeth Abernathy) 
  • Andy Peppiette (Danny) 
  • Chris Mchallem (Angus Ryan) 
  • Tiernan Messitt-Greene (Charlie) 
  • Deirdre Monaghan (Local Woman) 
  • Eilidh Murphy (Young Josephine) 
  • Ali White (Dr. Amerila Bell) 
  • Iggy Bownes (Morgan Family Driver)

Where Was “A Merry Scottish Christmas” Filmed?

  • “A Merry Scottish Christmas” was filmed on location, mostly in Ireland with some filming done in Scotland.
  • The Duns Castle Estate in the Scottish Borders doubles as the fictional Glencrave Castle.
  • Filming was done over the summer, wrapping in early July 2023.

What Christmas Movies Will Girls Gone Hallmark Review this Year

Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.

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