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Calling all #HYNIES! Welcome to another fun episode of “Girls Gone Hallmark!” Today, Megan and Wendy dive into the heartwarming fan-favorite “Flip That Romance,” starring the one and only Tyler Hynes. Join us as we share our thoughts on this delightful house-flipping romance and uncover some of the movie magic with writer Nina Weinman. Plus, stick around to discover how you can have a say in selecting the next fan favorite Hallmark movie for us to discuss!

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Calling all #HYNIES! Girls Gone Hallmark podcast review of "Flip That Romance" starring your favorite guy.

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News and Notes About “Flip That Romance”

  • Flip That Romance first premiered on March 16, 2019 as part of Hallmark’s SPRING FEVER line up that year.
  • This movie was directed by Mark Jean. Mark has directed 65 films – with an impressive amount of them being for Hallmark Channel. Some titles include Holiday Hotline, A Kismet Christmas, The Nine Lives of Christmas, and Love at First Dance.
  • Jill Girling, Lori Mather-Welch and Nina Weinman are credited for writing “Flip That Romance.”
    • Jill and Lori appear to be writing partners. They’ve worked on the same projects, including a Hallmark movie called “Love’s Complicated” from 2016.
    • Nina Weinman was brought onto the project for a re-write.
  • Julie Gonzalo co-stars as Jules Briggs of Jules Briggs Design. Julie has 48 acting credits and e last saw her in “3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost” with husband Chris McNally. Outside of Hallmark, Julie has been in a number of projects including “Supergirl,” “Veronica Mars,” the reboot of “Dallas” as well as “Christmas with the Kranks.”
  • Tyler Hynes plays Lance. While Tyler is a Hallmark Channel fan favorite, this was only his 3rd movie for the network. Since then, he either starred or appeared in 15 movies for Hallmark.
  • Fiona Vroom plays friend Teri. Fiona has 73 acting credits including Hallmark hits like “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” “The Wedding Veil” and “The Wedding Veil Expectations.”
  • Matthew Kevin Anderson plays Richard. He’s one of those familiar faces that often pops up on Hallmark. With 101 acting credits, we’ve seen him in “Love and Jane,” “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” and “Love, Classified.” You might also recognize him for his work on Lifetime as well, his resume is full of Hallmark Rom-Coms and Lifetime Murdery fare.
  • Fred Anderson plays Lance’s dad, Ed. Finally, a dad who appears age appropriate versus the actor we saw play Tyler’s dad in “Shifting Gears.” Fred has 155 acting credits. We last saw him in “Christmas on Cherry Lane” and “Mystery on Mistletoe Lane.” He also appeared in a movie we mentioned last week, “Totally Killer.”

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  • Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe (commonly credited as Crystal Lowe) plays friend Kat. She recently directed Tyler in “Shifting Gears.” We are getting to know Crystal better as Rita in the SSD series – since we’ll be dropping reviews all summer long for Sign Sealed Delivered Summer.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent plays Elise. Shannon was last seen on Hallmark in “Field Day” – a Julie Sherman Wolfe movie we loved. I do wish she’d do more projects for Hallmark.

Watch the Trailer for “Flip That Romance”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJLw-uapWsU?si=FOt9KSVhb7NwXYr9&w=560&h=315]

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