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Welcome to a brand new episode of “Girls Gone Hallmark,” your go-to podcast for all things Hallmark Channel! Hosted by the dynamic duo Megan and Wendy, this episode dives into the highly anticipated Hallmark movie “Shifting Gears,” starring fan favorite Tyler Hynes and Kat Barrell. It’s the moment #Hynies across the globe have been eagerly waiting for, as Tyler Hynes takes the lead in a role that promises romance, charm, and all the heartwarming moments Hallmark fans adore. Megan and Wendy are here to break down every swoon-worthy moment, share their thoughts on the chemistry between the leads, and provide insights that only true Hallmark enthusiasts can offer. So, throw your ear buds in and tune in to this episode of “Girls Gone Hallmark” for a deep dive into “Shifting Gears.” You won’t want to miss it!

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Dive into the heart of Hallmark's latest gem with 'Girls Gone Hallmark'! 🌟 Megan and Wendy share their delightful insights on "Shifting Gears," starring the charming Tyler Hynes and Kat Barrell. Perfect for #Hynies and Hallmark lovers alike, this episode is a must-listen for anyone who loves a good dose of on-screen romance. 🎬💕 

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What is “Shifting Gears” on Hallmark Channel About?

  • Written by Matt Marx. This is Matt’s ninth writing credit. Previous Hallmark projects include “Christmas Made to Order” and “Portrait of Love.”
  • This movie was directed by Crystal Lowe. She is both a busy actor and budding director. This is Crystal’s directorial debut and the first director from the Make Her Mark Women’s Directing Program – an initiative founded by Ashley Williams.
    • Hallmark Media’s Mark Her Mark Women’s Directing Program is an on-the-job mentorship initiative designed to advance Hallmark’s commitment to inclusive storytelling by supporting and increasing representation of women behind the camera.
  • Tyler Hynes plays Luke. We last saw Tyler in the Countdown to Christmas movie “Never Been Chris’d.” He has 68 previous acting credits and is considered on of Hallmark favorite leading men.
  • Katherine Barrell plays Jess. She is no stranger to Hallmark, having appeared in films such as “Everything Christmas,” “A Tale of Two Christmases” and 20 episodes as Joy Harper in the “Good Witch.” Outside of Hallmark, she’s appeared in the TV series “Wynonna Earp” and “Workin’ Moms.”
  • Kristin Booth plays Teri. Kristin is another busy actor with nearly 100 acting credits. She’s appeared in so many of the “Signed, Sealed, Deliver” movies for Hallmark but also appeared in 8 episodes of “Workin’ Moms.”
  • Ray Galletti plays Wayne Larouche. Get your bingo cards out because Ray has also appeared in “Workin’ Moms.” For Hallmark, we’ve seen Ray in “Flipping for Christmas” from 2023 and “A Season for Love” from 2018.
  • Colton Royce plays Pete. Colton has just over 20 acting credits and we’ve previously seen him in Hallmark projects such as “My Grown Up Christmas List” and “Road Trip Romance.”
  • According to Heavy on Hallmark, “Shifting Gears” was filmed in Ottawa. Additionally, Ottawa is home to the Hynes’ family. Tyler’s mom visited the set, as well as his two pre-teen nieces who both appeared in a scene with lead Kat Barrell.

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