Why You Should Keep Watching Hallmark After Christmas

Hallmark movies have become a staple of the holiday season, with their uplifting and heartwarming stories that always seem to end happily ever after. While the Christmas-themed movies are the most popular, there are plenty of other Hallmark movies that are just as worthwhile and deserving of attention. Here are some movies and a few reasons why you should keep watching Hallmark after Christmas.

Hallmark Channel isn't just for Christmas. Yes, the network has Countdown to Christmas and it's a juggernaut, but Hallmark is consistently putting out great non-Christmas movies with incredible stories that await you. See why we think you should keep watching Hallmark after Christmas and see what movies we recommend. 
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Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is a Juggernaut

Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel has become a beloved holiday tradition for many people. Every year, viewers eagerly await the release of new Christmas movies that air throughout the season. It has absolute cemented its place in pop culture.

Hallmark Media has reported that it was the most-watched entertainment cable network of the year among key demographics in 2023. Not only did the premiere of “A Merry Scottish Christmas” set major viewership records for the network, Hallmark Channel gave viewers a solid lineup of movies during the Countdown to Christmas season.

Don’t Leave Hallmark When Christmas is Over

While January evenings might be dominated by Golden Girls reruns again, this network has a treasure trove of heart-melting movies all year round. Whether you’re craving a feel-good flick or a good mystery, Hallmark’s got you covered. So why limit yourself to holiday binges? Take a leap and discover the abundance of incredible stories that await you!

Why You Should Stay for Hallmark After Christmas

Let’s talk Hallmark movies, shall we? They’re the ultimate getaway car from real life! Think charming little villages, folksy families, and all the cozy warmth that you can imagine. It’s like stepping into a magical world where everything is just a little easier and a lot more cheerful. Trust us, even non-Christmassy Hallmark flicks have that same snug feel that is simply irresistible.

Next up, let’s talk about the wonder of Hallmark movies! It’s a one-stop-shop for all your movie cravings. Need a little romance? They’ve got you sorted. How about a thrilling drama? No problem. Maybe even some comedy? Hallmark Channel is putting a whole new spin on things with fresh stories that’ll knock your socks off. Get ready for a movie marathon like no other!

Wrapping it up in a jolly bow, we can all agree that Hallmark Christmas movies are like a warm hug to our hearts. But, hold onto your cocoa, because there are plenty of other Hallmark flicks that are just as delightful and deserve a spot on your must-watch list!

Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

We watch most of the Hallmark Channel premieres to review for our podcast Girls Gone Hallmark. Though we haven’t seen all of the 2023 non-Christmas movies, we’ve seen a good portion of them. If there are one or two particular movies we miss, our awesome Facebook community lets us know.

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If you only watch the Christmas movies and nothing else, may we present the best non-Christmas Hallmark movies of 2023. Give these movies a watch and you’ll soon be a year-round Hallmark watcher in no time.

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost
Stars: Julie Gonzalo, Chris McNally, Madeleine Arthur
Premiered on October 7, 2023
Story: The house that Anna, a new real estate agent, has listed has a spirit from the 1920s that won’t go. Even worse, the ghost is afraid she won’t be able to “pass over” unless she reconciles Anna with her ex.

Why You Should Watch It: While romance is usually the central theme of Hallmark movies, this movie shifts the focus to female friendship. This twist marks a significant step forward for Hallmark.

Listen to the Girls Gone Hallmark review of “3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost” where we rated it 8.25 STARS/10 STARS.

Guiding Emily
Stars: Sarah Drew, Antonio Cupo, Eric McCormack
Premiered on September 8, 2023 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Story: Follow Emily as she struggles to cope with her new reality after losing her sight and Garth, a potential guide dog struggling with his training. With a bit of help, both make headway in their important transitions.

Why You Should Watch It: Sarah Drew’s performance as Emily is unparalleled, capturing the character’s deep vulnerability with authenticity. Moreover, Matty Finichio’s standout supportive role makes him one of our favorite Hallmark men. Finally, the script by Betsy Morris is simply exceptional, making it a must-watch for moviegoers.

Girls Gone Hallmark reviews “Guiding Emily” where we rated it 9.75 STARS/10 STARS.

The Wedding Cottage
Stars: Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny
Premiered on April 15, 2023
Story: A wedding guide creator must convince an uninspired artist and owner of a special wedding cottage to renovate the run down cottage to host a contest winning couple for their dream wedding.

Why You Should Watch It: Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny’s on-screen chemistry is both endearing and humorous, despite the Hallmark-esque premise. This movie easily earns high marks within the romantic comedy genre for Hallmark.

Girls Gone Hallmark gave “The Wedding Cottage” 7.75 STARS. Listen to what else they had to say in their review.

Unexpected Grace
Stars: Erica Durance and Michael Rady
Premiered on March 12, 2023
Story: Follow Grace as she finds a note from a schoolgirl looking for a friend. She writes back and sets off a chain of events that changes the lives of three people.

Why You Should Watch It: This movie from Hallmark is both beautiful and deeply moving. It’s reminiscent of a Hallmark Hall of Fame film, with outstanding performances from the cast. Despite the sadness, the film ultimately delivers a message of hope, showcasing the triumph of the human spirit.

Listen to the 8.5 STAR review from “Unexpected Grace” from Girls Gone Hallmark.

The Way Home
Stars: Chyler Leigh, Evan Williams, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Andie MacDowell
10-episodes premiered from January to March 2023
Story: Three generations of strong and independent women living together in the small farm town of Port Haven embark on an enlightening journey none of them could have imagined as they learn how to find their way back to each other.

Why You Should Watch It: Initially pitched to Netflix, this outstanding family drama series was scooped up by Hallmark Channel. With its unique blend of humor, sadness, mystery, and nostalgia, viewers are taken on an unforgettable ride that is incomparable to any other television show.

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