Wendy Nielsen was born and raised in Southern California. She lives with her husband of 19 years and 12-year-old daughter in Orange County. She is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. Wendy is a breast cancer survivor who likes to volunteer, hates mornings and watches far too much reality television.

Wendy writes about life as a former cancer patient on her personal blog Writing a New Story.

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Some of my favorite posts:

Three things I love:

  • Working in my backyard garden
  • Alone time
  • True crime documentaries

Three things I don’t love:

  • Being left out
  • A dirty home
  • People who don’t listen

Why I love blogging and social media:
For me, two reasons. One, I will always be a student. I crave learning new things and this space is ever-changing so there is always something new to learn. Two, I love connecting with people. Unfortunately, it’s so much more difficult today than in previous years blogging. But, if I can convey to others that I struggle just as they do, I feel that’s where a true personal connection can be made and that I can be trusted as a resource.

Desert Island Favorites:

  • Sunscreen (add link???)
  • a soft place to sleep
  • a pair of tennis shoes (LINKY)