Video Strategy Report

Video Strategy Report from Megan & Wendy

Video Strategy Report From Megan and Wendy of Long Story Short

Do you need a video strategy report?

Do you want to create video online, but you aren’t sure where to start?
Do you have a YouTube channel, but feel a little bit lost?
Do you currently create content online, but can’t figure out how to translate that to video?
Are you motivated, but just need a little push along with tons of actionable tips?

Then a Video Strategy Report is just for you!

We’ll take a look at your current video channels and make suggestions on branding, content, monetization and engagement.

We will create a personalized list of video topics based to get you started.

We will give you ideas for integrating video across multiple platforms to maximize your exposure.

We will share some of our favorite tips and tricks learned from years of self-taught experience.

You will receive a multi-page report full of actionable ideas to get you creating video in no time!

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