Video Basics with Megan & Wendy

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in our Video Basics course!

Megan and Wendy
Who is Video Basics with Megan and Wendy for?

This course is designed for influencers and small business owners who want to add video to their online content creation toolkit. We’re going to talk about live vs. edited videos, video platforms, editing, branding, monetization, and so much more.

Why Megan & Wendy?

We’ve been creating online video for four years and we’ve done it all on our own, landing brand collaborations and building a community along the way.  We’ve worked on most of the social media video platforms around and we can talk about our experience, our success, our failures and everything in between. We received an Iris Award nomination this year in recognition for our work in video and we’re not afraid to toot our own horns! Best of all, we are big fans of budget-friendly options so we aren’t going to suggest expensive equipment and software is essential to your success.

What can I expect from the course?

You can expect to learn how to create and monetize your YouTube Channel, our favorite equipment, editing tips and tricks, branding, free planning printables and so much more!

WAIT. What if I don’t want to be on camera. 

Don’t worry, this course is for you, too. But we will try to convince you that your audience wants to see your lovely face.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email us at [email protected]