Video Basics | Equipment for Video Creators

When we first started creating video content, we used our iPhone, a tripod and a huge stack of Harry Potter books. We have since graduated to the next level in cameras and lighting but equipment can be as simple as an iPhone. Here are is our favorite equipment for video creators.

The links to product below are affiliate links. There is no obligation to purchase from these links, however, your click does help support our website. We have personally used some of the equipment mentioned. Other recommendations are based on current trends. 

Best Cameras for Video Creators

Like I said before, we used our iPhone for several months before we started exploring DLSR cameras. Using an iPhone is zero financial commitment because it’s likely you already have one. However, there are limitations to recording on an iPhone. When we decided to step up the production quality, we invested in a DLSR.

But you need to assess your needs, first. What kind of content are you making?

  • If you’re simply live streaming on Facebook or Instagram Stories, an iPhone is what you’ll want to use.
  • Vlogging? A camera with a flip up screen is your best bet.
  • Creating professional video, you’ll need a DLSR for quality imaging.

Visit our Resources page for additional information on what to look for in a DLSR camera.

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Tripods and Accessories for Video Creation

If you don’t want to use a stack of books, we suggest buying a tripod. You don’t need anything expensive. Options include tripods for iPhones, flexible tripods, travel-sized tripods, and accessory arms for bird’s eye view shots.

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Best Lighting Equipment for Videos

You can shoot gorgeous videos with natural light. When we shoot at Wendy’s house, we never use any additional artificial lighting because the natural light from her west facing windows floods her kitchen. Additionally, the white background of her cabinets creates a beautiful reflective light for our shots. At Megan’s house, her windows face west and while we get some natural light, we always use our Diva Ring Light and a light reflector to bring up the lighting level.

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See our Resource page for what we think are the best tutorials in lighting.

External Microphones for Video

We rarely have to use microphones when creating video content but there have been times when a brand or commissioned project required microphone use. Typically we use the built in microphone in our Canon DLSR and Sony a5000 (Tip: if you are purchasing a DLSR, check to see if it offers a built in microphone).

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Creating a Video Recording Set

What do you want the background of your videos to look like? There are so many options, such as stylized, organic, monochromatic, minimal and so on. We’ve shot videos in Megan’s dining room for years and that has worked for us. Here are a few backdrop options to help achieve the look you might be going for.

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Gadgets for YouTubers

We think these portable lights are perfect for on to go live streaming.

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Accessories Not to Forget

You’ll definitely need memory cards galore when you’re creating video and an external battery is an absolute necessity when creating live video!