An Unexpected Christmas

“An Unexpected Christmas” starring Tyler Hynes and Bethany Joy Lenz premiered on Friday, November 26, 2021 as part of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas line up. Listen in as Megan and Wendy recap and review this year’s highly anticipated Tyler Hynes movie.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy are Girls Gone Hallmark. Listen in as they recap and review the highly anticipated "An Unexpected Christmas" starring Tyler Hynes and Bethany Joy Lenz. This movie was also written by Hallmark favorite Paul Campbell. 
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Megan and Wendy review the highly anticipated An Unexpected Christmas starring Tyler Hynes and Bethany Joy Lenz.

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What is An Unexpected Christmas About?

Hallmark is not exactly reinventing the wheel with An Unexpected Christmas. A couple pretends to be in a relationship for the sake of the holiday and keeping the family happy is a storyline we’ve seen done. Sure, with slight variations. Here’s the official synopsis from the Hallmark Channel:

A writer convinces his ex-girlfriend to pose as a couple for Christmas.

Of course this is a brand new movie from fan favorite, Tyler Hynes. This is his eleventh movie for Hallmark Channel. In fact, Hynes starred in three Hallmark movies in 2021, including Roadhouse Romance, Sweet Carolina and It Was Always You.

Fun fact: Blink and you’ll miss him, but Tyler Hynes appeared for a matter of seconds in this year’s My Christmas Family Tree. He played a waiter who served Aimee Teegarden and Andrew Walker.

Screenshot of Tyler Hynes in a surprise cameo during the movie My Christmas Family Tree.
Tyler Hynes surprised fans when he appeared in a movie that wasn’t one of his own! Here he is as a waiter in My Christmas Family Tree.

This is also a really good, behind-the-scenes video Tyler shared on his Instagram about his special appearance. Did you happen to catch the Andrew Walker cameo in An Unexpected Christmas?

It also co-stars Bethany Joy Lenz who is best known as her role as Haley James Scott on the teen drama One Tree Hill (she also currently co-hosts a podcast called Drama Queens with her fellow OTH stars where they talk at length about each episode). This is her seventh Hallmark Channel movie.

News and Notes

  • An Unexpected Christmas was filmed in Canada, outside of Vancouver.
  • Filming began at the end of August wrapped in September 2021.
  • Tyler Hynes recently announced he will be in attendance at RomaDrama, a fan event to be held in Palm Beach, FL on January 7-9, 2022.
  • Matthew R. Brady is the producer and An Unexpected Christmas is his first Hallmark Channel film.
  • Bethany Joy Lenz wrote and sings the holiday song “Snow” which plays over the movie’s end credits.

Tyler Hynes’ Hair

We have talked about Tyler Hynes’ hair all year long. Why is it so long, is it a wig, what’s with the Eddie Munster hairline? Fans – including us – were SHOOK when we saw his shorter hair in the first images that came out for An Unexpected Christmas.

The internet tells us that he started growing it longer for a 2019 Hallmark Channel movie called Flip That Romance. If you read the tweet replies you’ll see that we aren’t the only ones who thought maybe he might be wearing ill-fitting wig.

Short hair, long hair – we don’t care. We’re just happy to see Tyler Hynes in a starring role on Hallmark Channel during Merry Thanksgiving Weekend. (Guaranteed Wowie-Zowie)

How Many Hallmark Movies Has Paul Campbell Written?

You’ll recognize Paul Campbell from Hallmark movies such as The Santa Stakeout, Wedding Every Weekend, Holiday Hearts and A Godwink Christmas. But did you know he is a Hallmark movie writer as well?

According to IMDb, Paul Campbell has two writing credits, including 2020’s Christmas by Starlight and 2021’s An Unexpected Christmas. And though his IMDb doesn’t yet reflect this, Paul Campbell also wrote the script for Christmas at Castle Hart based on a story by Bonnie Fairweather.

Listen to our review of The Santa Stakeout.

What Other Tyler Hynes Movies Have We Reviewed?

Tyler Hynes has been in a lot of Hallmark movies the last twelve months. Good thing is we’ve watched and reviewed all of them – not a stinker in the bunch!

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