Two for the Win

Megan and Wendy review and recap Hallmark Channel’s newest movie Two for the Win in today’s brand new bonus episode. Each had not a lot to say for their favorite segments, “Uh-Oh!” and “Did You See That?” What might that say about their thoughts on the movie? You might be surprised. Email the show at [email protected].

Love Hallmark movies? We review and recap new Hallmark Channel movies, including 2021's New Year, New Movies lineup. Listen in on our brand new podcast episode as we cover #TwoForTheWin.
Megan and Wendy recap Hallmark’s Two for the Win in a brand new podcast episode.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Kayla tries to convince her sister and herself that she and Justin are happy people and they don't need to be together. #TwoForTheWin #HallmarkChannel
Do you believe Kayla when she tells her sister that she’s happy as is?

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What is Two For the Win About?

Two for the Win stars Trevor Donovan and Charlotte Sullivan as long-time friends reunited when Kayla (Sullivan) is hired to coach Justin (Donovan) after an injury sidelines him from downhill skiing.

Two For the Win offered viewers some really great quotes, including this one where Kayla tells Justin that he has a choice about his career and life. #TwoForTheWin
This is one of our favorite quotes from Two For the Win

News and Notes

  • Hallmark Channel’s newest movie in the New Year, New Movies line up was filmed on Mount Pakenham in S.W. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • The movie was based on the novel Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan.
  • Trevor Donovan did his own skiing.

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Hallmark Channel’s New Year, New Movies Schedule

When Kayla agrees to train Justin she explains that she doesn't teach without reason. But why is he skiing on the bunny slope? She's got her reasons. #TwoForTheWin
But why is Justin skiing on the bunny slope? Kayla has her reasons.

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