Time For Him to Come Home for Christmas

Megan and Wendy review another movie from Merry Thanksgiving Weekend. Listen in as they recap and rate Tyler Hynes’ second movie of the season: “Time For Him to Come Home for Christmas” which premiered on Saturday, November 26th on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

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Hynies are thrilled to see their favorite Tyler Hynes in two Hallmark movies this season! Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas is part mystery, part romance. Listen to Megan and Wendy review this Countdown to Christmas movie.

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About “Time For Him to Come Home For Christmas”

  • This is the fifth movie in the “Time For…” franchise.
    • The first movie called “Time For Me to Come Home” was based on a novel of the same name written by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher. Buy the book here from Amazon.
    • “Time For Me to Come Home” was released in 2018 and a new movie under this franchise has been released every year since.
  • Blake Shelton and he is a producer on this movie (he is also mom to Dorothy Shackleford).
  • IMDB has a 8.0/10 rating on this movie.
  • Written by Marcy Holland who has written the last four of these movies from the franchise.
  • Directed by David Winning. He has directed a ton of Hallmark movies including last year’s “The Nine Kitten s of Christmas,”  “You, Me & The Christmas Tree” and “The 27-Hour Day.”
    • Winning directed the 2018 movie and the 2020 movie plus this year’s movie.
  • Holland Rodan plays Elizabeth Athens. Though she has a bunch of acting credits, including MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” this is her only Hallmark title.
  • This is Tyler Hynes’ third movie this year with Hallmark.
    • He starred in “Always Amore” in the spring of 2022 and two more this holiday season.

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