Sweet Pecan Summer

Megan and Wendy exchange a few barbs over Hallmark’s latest Summer Nights movie Sweet Pecan Summer. Listen in as they rate, review and argue where this new movie falls compared to the rest of the Summer Nights line up. Plus, a little chit chat about what a small town can offer, how to say the word pecan and their favorite funny scenes from the movie.

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NEW POD EP: Megan and Wendy rate and review Hallmark's newest movie called Sweet Pecan Summer. #Hallmarkies #HallmarkMovie
Megan and Wendy review Sweet Pecan Summer starring Wes Brown and Christine Ko. This movie premiered on August 28, 2021 as part of the Summer Nights line up.

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News and Notes

  • Wes Brown was an Executive Producer on Sweet Pecan Summer.
  • Brown’s wife, Amanda, sold this story based on her family farm experience. She even had a real-life “Aunt Carol.”
  • The young daughter of Wes and Amanda Brown also had a cameo in this movie. She was one of the softball players.
  • Sweet Pecan Summer was filmed during May and June in Utah.
  • Thompson Family Pecan Farm located in Hurricane, Utah was used to shoot the orchard scenes.
  • This movie was formerly titled “Love at the Pecan Farm.”
  • According to QCApproved.com, this is the second movie ever to feature a predominately Asian American family in the lead roles.

Funny Scenes in Sweet Pecan Summer

There were several very funny scenes throughout Sweet Pecan Summer, including:

  • The spam call Amanda receives after she runs into J.P. at the local market. You can hear the recorded spam message say “there is a warrant out for your arrest.” Who hasn’t received one of these spam calls? It was pretty funny.
  • When Amanda pulls an all nighter dreaming up with her revolutionary new skin line that contains pecan oil, she’s buzzing hard from the caffeine and apologizes for being “all woooo.”

Where Can You Get Pecan Oil?

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