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Tune in for a romantic getaway with the newest episode of Girls Gone Hallmark! Megan and Wendy are your guides as they dissect the beloved Hallmark Channel film “Summer Villa,” a fan-favorite from 2016. Explore the enchanting story of a struggling writer and Chef Cupid in this French escape. Will clichés hinder the beauty of this film? Let’s unravel the charming details together—listen in now!

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Megan and Wendy from Girls Gone Hallmark are your guides as they dissect the beloved Hallmark Channel film "Summer Villa," a fan-favorite from 2016. Explore the enchanting story of a struggling writer and Chef Cupid in this French escape. Will clichés hinder the beauty of this film? Let's unravel the charming details together—listen in now! #HallmarkMovies #SummerVilla #HallmarkMovieReviews #HallmarkPodcast

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News and Notes About “Summer Villa”

  • First premiered on Hallmark in 2016 and then Hallmark re-aired it as part of their Summer Nights line up in 2020. 
  • This movie was directed by Pat Kiely. Pat has 10 previous directing credits. Summer Villa was his first project for Hallmark. He’s gone on to direct “Majestic Christmas” and “Christmas in My Heart” for the channel. 
  • There are 2 screenwriters credited for this movie.
    • Carrie Lee Wilson has just 4 writing credits. This is her one and only Hallmark movie. Other projects include “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” in 2015 and “College Road Trip” in 2008. According to LinkedIn, she presently is an adjunct professor teaching screenwriting 101 at Los Angeles Valley College. Also, per her LinkedIn, she is the co-writer on a project for Hallmark Media called “There’s a Cake in My Future.”
    • Emi Mochizuki appears to be Carrie’s writing partner as Emi has the exact same writing credits.

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  • Hilarie Burton plays Terry. Hilarie has 34 acting credits including previous Hallmark movies like “Surprised by Love” and “Naughty or Nice.” She played Payton Scott in 130 episode of “One Tree Hill” as well as 25 episodes of “White Collar.” Hilarie has been absent from Hallmark for several years after being “let go” from Hallmark Media in January 2019. She says she was fired from a movie for being outspoken about the lack of diversity on set. 
  • Victor Webster plays Matthew (or Chef Cupid, if ya nasty). Wowie Zowie Victor has a whopping 92 acting credits. We most recently saw him in “One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery.” 

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  • Emorphia Margaritis plays Terry’s daughter Abby. She has just 3 acting credits and “Summer Villa” appears to be the one and only movie she’s been in except for one episode of a TV show called 19-2 from 2015 and a short called “Crafting for a Cure” in 2021. After “Summer Villa” Emorphia went on to study film and television at York University and Humber College. Her last project was director of a short called “Edge of Hope” from 2023.
  • Cristina Rosato plays Matthew’s sister and Terry’s book agent. Cristina has an impressive 71 acting credits and this was the last project she’s done for Hallmark. She’s gone on to appear in shows like “A Million Little Things,” the “Party of Five” reboot, and “The Good Doctor.”
  • Jocelin Haas plays Jean-Luc. He’s a French actor with several French projects. This is his one and only Hallmark movie.
  • Brittany Drisdelle plays Dianne. She’s got a ton of acting credits including “Unlocking Christmas” which was a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film from 2020.
  • The movie was filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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