South Beach Love

Megan and Wendy are split in their review of this week’s Hallmark movie “South Beach Love.” Listen in as they talk news and notes, what they liked, and what they wished for. Plus, a dancing scene that could of been choreographed by one of their husbands.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy recap and review "South Beach Love" starring William Levy and Taylor Cole. The movie premiered on October 9, 2021 as part of Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest line up. #Hallmarkies #HallmarkMovie #SouthBeachLove #WilliamLevy
Megan and Wendy review Hallmark’s “South Beach Love” which premiered on Saturday, October 9, 2021 as part of the 2021 Fall Harvest line up.

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News and Notes on South Beach Love

  • South Beach Love was based on the book by Caidad PiƱeiro. Buy it here from Amazon.
  • The movie was set in Miami but actually filmed in St. Petersburg which is located in Florida’s Gulf Coast, nearly 270 miles from Miami.
  • William Levy (Tony) actually owns two restaurants in Miami.
  • Taylor Cole was most recently seen in Hallmark’s One Perfect Wedding.
  • William Levy came in third place on season 14 of Dancing with the Stars.
  • Taylor Cole is scheduled to star in Hallmark’s Making Spirits Bright as part of the 2021 Countdown to Christmas line up.
William Levy and Taylor Cole on set of "South Beach Love" - listen to Megan and Wendy review this movie in a bonus Girls Gone Hallmark podcast episode. #Hallmarkies #WilliamLevy #HallmarkMovieReview
Taylor Cole and William Levy on set of South Beach Love. Notice Taylor is wearing a neck fan! Listeners of our Tuesday episode know how much Megan loves a neck fan.

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