Small Businesses We Love

When it comes to shopping, we like to take a balanced approach. We’re busy moms who appreciate the convenience of a big box store and free delivery. We’re also women who want to support small businesses and share the businesses that have been created by our friends. With that in mind, we’re going to share a few small businesses that we love. We will continue to update this page as we find new businesses that we are big fans of!

Small Businesses We Love - When choosing to shop small, we encourage you to check out these businesses that we love and support

So yes, we’ll likely check out the deals Amazon is offering on Prime Day, but we’ll also be making careful selections from these small businesses when it comes time to do our holiday shopping.

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🎨 Small Business Spotlight – @timree⠀🎨 ⠀ We’re sharing some of our favorite small businesses and of course you know our local favorite art studio makes the list! We have been fans of Timree for years and have painted in studio at least twenty times. Often it’s more about the experience than the final product, but her technique makes us feel like totally capable artists and her designs are more than just boring the landscape you find with other paint night studios. (You know exactly what we’re talking about.)⠀ ⠀ Since her studio has closed, she has pivoted to live stream classes three times a week. Not only has it been so fun to paint from home, but all of our non-local friends have been able to get in on the action, too. ⠀ ⠀ The link to Timree’s Patreon page can be found in our profile.⠀

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Small Businesses We Love

We have been longtime fans of Timree’s paint studio. We’ve painted there in person at least 20 times. The pandemic forced Timree to change her business model and now she is doing weekly online classes via Patreon. You can sign up for classes 1-3 times per week and you’ll get access to her classic Timree teaching style.

Once you’ve signed up for the Patreon, you’ll get access to Timree’s supply list, or you can order them directly from her.

In addition, Timree offers a quarterly paint subscription box that includes all of the supplies you’ll need to create your own Timree creation.

Timree’s Patreon

Timree’s Website

CirKel Fitness is a fitness studio located in Tustin, CA that offers small group Pilates and Circuit Training classes. They’ve modified the studio space and class size to meet pandemic requirements, and they’ve even started uploading workouts to YouTube.

Cirkel Fitness on YouTube

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Lizz at PewPew Lasercraft creates laser cut accessories like earrings, holiday ornaments, lapel pins, cutting board and pretty much anything your heart can imagine. She’s got a flair for the geeky, so if you’ve into a particular fandom, odds are that Lizz has you covered.

Shop Pew Pew Lasercraft

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Small Business Spotlight – @oakmontcandleworks We have been friends with Tabatha, the heart and soul behind Oakmont Candle Works, online for a while but we had the extreme privilege of meeting her in person in Austin last year for the Mom 2.0 summit. Tabatha is one of those people who makes everyone around her feel special and important and we were so sad we were only able to spend two days with her. A couple of weeks ago Tabatha’s studio was broken into and while that would have been the straw that broke this particular camel’s back, she handled it with nothing but grace. Candles bring a little bit of warmth and comfort into our homes, and candles from @oakmontcandleworks smell amazing, which is really their number one job. You can find a link to order online via the link in our profile.

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Did someone say candles? We love the coziness that a burning candle brings to our homes, and we love Tabatha, owner of Oakmont Candle Works even more! She has a small shop in Pennsylvania, but she ships nationwide. Her scents are amazing – we’ve each placed orders and have been THRILLED with the quality.

Shop Oakmont Candle Works

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✨🎄Guess what time of year it is??? CANDY CANES!!! ✨We are taking orders for candy Canes now. ✨They are $60 and come with a personalized name plaque. ✨These canes are designed, sanded and painted by two local Ladera moms (myself and Val from @holiday.mama). ✨Each cane is sealed to protect from the elements. ✨Canes will be ready for local pick up towards the end of Nov. ✨please DM if your interested in placing an order. #candycanes #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #christmasdecorating #shoplocal #shopsmall #laderaranch #sanjuancapistrano #missionviejo #cotodecaza #rmv #ranchomissionviejo #sendero #essencia #ranchosantamargarita #danapoint #languna #sanclemente

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No matter what your sign needs to say, Taylor can create it. She’s a local OC business, but we bet if you ask nicely, she’ll ship it to you.

Shop Craft by Taylor – Custom Wood Signs

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Bookmark chaos!

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I’ve already ordered two monogrammed bookmarks for my parents from this shop and I have my eye on several other items like a wallet and a key fob! The craftsmanship that goes into these items is next level and would make for a highly impressive gift for any occasion.

Shop Custom Leather Goods from ZeeBee Leather

One skill I have never been able to master since my seventh grade Home Ec days was sewing, which is why Michelle’s beautiful creations blow me away. From coffee sleeves to cloth face masks, her shop is FULL of carefully made items. Great for adding to teacher gifts, or getting a mask that’s nicer than the ones you’ll find en masse at Target.

Shop SeaLestialShel Handmade goods