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Welcome to Girls Gone Hallmark, the podcast that is your go-to source for everything Hallmark movie-related! Join your hosts, Megan and Wendy, as they break down the latest romantic comedies and holiday-themed movies from Hallmark Channel. Today, they review “Sealed with a List” starring Katie Findlay and Evan Roderick. Get ready for a fun and insightful discussion on what worked, what didn’t, and what they wished for from this latest Hallmark gem.

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Girls Gone Hallmark is a weekly Hallmark movie review podcast. Each week, hosts Megan and Wendy, break down what they liked and wished for. This week, listen to what they thought about "Sealed with a List."

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About “Sealed with a List”

  • This movie premiered on Saturday, December 16th as part of the Countdown to Christmas closing weekend.
  • “Sealed with a List” was filmed in and around New Westminster, BC. Some scenes were also filmed in Langley at Martini Town, a set owned by Martini Film Studios.
  • Emily Ting and Melynda Bissmeyer, along with Robin Gadsby are the writers on this film. Emily and Melynda had previously worked together on “Christmas at the Golden Dragon” in 2022 and Robin wrote “A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe” and “Christmas Sail” – which is a super under rated fave of ours from 2021.
  • Katie Findlay plays Carley. Katie has 30 previous acting credits including “Love Strikes Twice” in 2021 for Hallmark. You might also recognize her from “The Killing” on Netflix – which is an incredible crime thriller if you haven’t seen it. Katie was also in 26 episodes of “The Carrie Diaries” which was a SATC prequel, “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” and most recently “Walker: Independence” with fellow Hallmark actor, Katherine McNamara.

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  • Evan Roderick plays Wyatt. Evan has 17 previous acting credits including the Aurora Teagarden prequel from earlier this year, “A Tale of Two Christmases” and “Autumn in the City” – all for Hallmark. Evan was also in 10 episodes of “Spinning Out” for Netflix where he used his experience on ice to use. 
  • BJ Harrison plays Millie. BJ is a familiar face for Hallmark. She has 139 acting credits and has 4 upcoming projects – including “Holidazed” a project that has been in post-production purgatory. Maybe we’ll see it in 2024?

Who Was in “Sealed with a List” on Hallmark Channel

  • Katie Findlay (Carley)
  • Evan Roderick (Wyatt)
  • Kelcey Mawema (Jamie)
  • Martin Donovan (Silas)
  • BJ Harrison (Millie)
  • Ellie Harvie (Gertrude)
  • Monique Hellbig (Lois)
  • Daylin Willis (Brad)
  • Madonna Gonzalez (Kendra)
  • Sofia Hodsoni (Olivia)
  • Russell Roberts (Randal)
  • Jai Braithwaite (Vincent)
  • Ben Brown (Greg)
  • Jason Asuncion (Hank)
  • Shawna Clarke (Mrs. Johnson)
  • Arjun Malik (Property Supervisor)
  • Sheila Ferguson (ASL Caroler)
  • Gian Carlo (Devin)
  • Sydney Bell (Race Coordinator)
  • Fraser Corbett (Tree Guy)
  • Riley Calderwood (Kid)
  • Michel Issa Rubio (Caroler #1)
  • Sean Hara (Caroler #2)

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