Napa Ever After

This week, Megan and Wendy share their thoughts on “Napa Ever After,” the latest addition to Hallmark’s Mahogany brand. Join Girls Gone Hallmark as they explore the world of Hallmark news and give their captivating commentary on this picturesque movie.

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About “Napa Ever After”

  • “Napa Ever After” was directed by Alfons Adetuyi. This is his 12th directing credit and his thrid Hallmark movie, including “Holiday Heritage” and “A Second Chance at Love.”
  • The script was co-written by Nina Weinmann and Wendy Eley Jackson.
    • Wendy Eley Jackson has five writing credits and this is her first Hallmark movies. She serves as CEO for Auburn Avenue Films.
    • Nina Weinmann has 31 writing credits, almost exclusively for Hallmark Channel, including a movie from our fall fan favorite line called “Pumpkin Pie Wars.”
  • Denise Boutte plays Cassandra. She has 60 acting credits with seven credits alone in 2023. However, this is her first movie from Hallmark.
  • Darlene Cook plays grandma’s bestie Isabel. She has 47 acting credits including another Mahogany movie called “Holiday Heritage.”
  • Colin Lawrence plays widower Alec. He has an impressive 138 acting credits including starring roles in “Virgin River” for Netflix. He’s also well known in the Hallmark work for his role in the “Christmas in Evergreen” movies.
  • Celina Loussaint plays Alec’s daughter Mary and this is her very first acting credit.
  • Tiffany Yvonne Cox plays Lena – with 30 acting credits, many of them are guest spots on series.
  • Shalyn Ferdinand plays Elizabeth. She is 16 acting credits including a role in “The Chronicle Mysteries” series starring Ali Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres.
  • This movie was filmed in Vancouver and Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada.
  • It was originally titled “First Kiss.”
  • See Ya Later Ranch was used for the winery.

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