“Mystery 101” Has Been Canceled – Fans are Pissed

It seems the mystery surrounding an eighth movie has been solved: “Mystery 101” has been canceled and the fans are pissed. Here’s the timeline of what happened and maybe an answer as to why this fan favorite series was canceled.

Fan favorite Hallmark series "Mystery 101" was canceled and the fans are not happy about being left with a huge cliffhanger. But why was this popular series canceled?

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On Sunday, April 23, 2023 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries re-aired “Mystery 101: Playing Dead.” This is the second movie in the series of seven movies. It originally aired on June 29, 2019.

The re-airing of this movie was promoted on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ Facebook page which drew many comments and questions since it’s a fan favorite. One of the most asked questions was when an eighth movie would be expected.

In response to this question, the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries social team casually dropped the news that the series wouldn’t be back and has been canceled. Not even in an official announcement or a dedicated Facebook post but in a response to a fan question.

The Fans are Pissed about the Cancelation of “Mystery 101”

On Monday, April 24, 2023, actor Kristoffer Polaha announced via Twitter that the cat was finally out of the bag. He thanked his co-stars Jill Wagner and Robin Thomas as well as the “most incredibly supportive fans.” He closed his tweet with “But…wink emoji” and we had to ask what the wink meant!

We shared Polaha’s tweet on our Instagram quickly after he tweeted and the fans of “Mystery 101” responded.

Comment after comment about how disappointed they were at Hallmark for canceling this series, especially with the cliffhanger in the seventh movie”Mystery 101: Deadly History.”

What Does the Wink Mean?

Kris Polaha wasn’t especially forthcoming with what he mean using a wink emoji. But, the internet sleuths tell us that Polaha is working closely on a new mystery series with John Christian Plummer.

Who is John Christian Plummer?

John Christian Plummer is a screenwriter who wrote all seven movies in the “Mystery 101” series. In addition he has written “Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries,” “Francesca Quinn P.I.” and both “Curious Caterer” movies.

On a recent episode of Hallmark Mysteries & More Podcast, Plummer talked about the fate of “Mystery 101” as well as the project he’s been working on with Kristoffer Polaha.

Why Hallmark Would Cancel “Mystery 101”

The last movie in the “Mystery 101” series aired originally on August 1, 2021. There has been a ton of shake up in the Hallmark universe since 2021. If you remember, former Hallmark president Bill Abbott acquired Great American Country in June 2021. Many Hallmark actors followed Abbott to the newly rebranded network Great American Family.

One might speculate that Jill Wagner’s allegiance to GAF might have to do with the cancelation of “Mystery 101.” While there isn’t any official reporting that Wagner signed an exclusive deal with Great American Family, she has done two Christmas movies for the channel since 2022 and has praised the channel on her social media.

It is possible Hallmark Media cut ties with Jill Wagner or perhaps Jill Wagner doesn’t want to work with Hallmark.

In a Strange Twist of Events

This summer Girls Gone Hallmark is reviewing fan favorite movies. Kicking off the summer schedule, we will review the “Mystery 101” pilot which was recored before the cancelation news broke. Spoiler alert: you will hear us talk about Wagner and her work with GAF during this episode.

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