Mix Up in the Mediterranean

Megan and Wendy recap and review Hallmark Channel’s Mix Up in the Mediterranean. What could go wrong when twin brothers swap places accidentally misleading the love interest of the non-married brother? Spoiler alert: this movie scored big time on our rating scale! Email the show at [email protected].

Listen as Megan and Wendy recap and review new Hallmark Channel movies! What they liked, wished for, road-blocks and "Did you see that?" moments.

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Where was Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed?

Goodbye to the Great White North! Mix Up in the Mediterranean was filmed entirely in Malta and at the Phoenicia Hotel.

Malta is an island state located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, Italy. Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries. For 150 years, Malta was a British colony eventually gaining independency in 1964 and then joining the European Union in 2004.

The Phoenicia Hotel is a luxury 5-start hotel located in Valletta, Malta’s capital city.

What is Mix Up in the Med About?

Mix Up in the Mediterranean stars Jeremy Jordan (tons of TV shows and Broadway stage credits) as twins Julian and Josh Northrop. The female lead is played by Jessica Lowndes (Silver on 90210). Chef Julian competes in a cooking competition but hurts his back and can’t compete. His identical twin brother, Josh, steps in as Julian in hopes of winning to save Julian’s restaurant. In the meantime, Josh – as Julian – starts to vibe with event planner Meg (Jessica Lowndes) – but Julian is married and Meg doesn’t know there is a twin brother in the picture.

Mix Up in the Mediterranean is about two twin brothers from Alaska. One is a trained French chef, the other a diner cook. Chaos ensues when one brother gets hurt and the twin has to step in as a replacement in a cooking competition.

Mentioned in this Episode

Jeremy Jordan and Jessica Lowndes wrote and recorded this song called Alive while filming the movie. We give the song four stars! Loved it.

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Loved the "adulting" that takes place in Mix Up in the Mediterranean! Realistic conversations, not stupid conclusions.

Did you love Mix Up in the Mediterranean as much as we did?

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