Marry Go Round

Megan and Wendy reminisce a little while they recap and review Hallmark’s “Marry Go Round.” This movie premiered as part of Hallmark Channel’s Fall Into Love line up and it stars Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy review "Marry Go Round" which premiered on September 10th as part of Hallmark's Fall Into Love line up. This film stars Amanda Schull ("Center Stage" "Pretty Little Liars" and "Suits") as well as Brenna Elliott ("UnReal" and "Open By Christmas").
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Megan and Wendy recap Hallmark’s newest movie “Marry Go Round” starring Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott.

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Hallmark News (As of September 14)

  • E! News reports that Candace Cameron Bure shared news about her newest Christmas movie which will premiere on GAC in November. It is called “A Christmas…Present.”  The synopsis sounds like any other CCB holiday movie but also says “Through a series of transformative events, Maggie learns to embrace the reason for the season.” So expect a heavy lean towards faith and family. Also, Bure and her production company will serve as EP.
  • Two new fall movies added to the Fall Into Love lineup includes: “Pumpkin Everything” starring Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier. This movie will premiere on Saturday, October 8th. Another called “Autumn in the City” stars Aimee Teegarden and Evan Roderick. This will premiere on Saturday October 15th.

News About “Marry Go Round”

  • Amanda Schull stars as Abby.
    • 2000 “Center Stage” is one our favorite dance movies. Schull plays a teenage ballerina. Great music, great dancing, cheesy story.
    • She’s also been in “Pretty Little Liars” and “Suits.”
  • Brennan Elliott plays Luke.
  • The director of “Marry Go Round” was David Weaver. He also directed Brennan Elliott in 2021’s “Open By Christmas.”

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