Magic in Mistletoe

Welcome to the Girls Gone Hallmark podcast! In this episode, your favorite co-hosts Megan and Wendy are breaking down the Hallmark Channel movie “Magic in Mistletoe.” Join us as we discuss what we liked, what we wished for, and the fan favorite segment “Did You See That?” Put on your favorite fairy wings or horrible fake beard and let’s get into “Magic in Mistletoe.”

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About “Magic in Mistletoe”

  • Written by Skyy Blair. Skyy has just two movie writing credits, but she’s an accomplished author and had a dream to write a Hallmark movie. She won a BET writing competition, which led to her getting the attention of other networks,  including Hallmark
  • Directed by Paula Elle. Paula has nine directing credits including last year’s fan favorite In Merry Measure. 
  • Lyndie Greenwood (April) Lyndie has 31 acting credits and recently appeared in Holiday Heritage and Girlfriendship, both for Hallmark. She also stars in Shelved, a workplace comedy about employees at a library that is streaming on Canadian streaming services. 
  • Paul Campbell (Harrington) – Magic in Mistletoe is Paul’s 53rd acting credit. His first Halmark movie was Surprised by Love in 2015. This is his 14th movie appearance for Hallmark. 
  • Oliver Rice(Chris) Wowie Zowie Oliver is no stranger to Hallmark having appeared in Wedding Planner Mysteries, Chesapeake Shores, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The Bakers Son, Eight Gifts of Hanukah, The Wedding Veil Expectation and nope that’s not even all of them. 
  • “Magic in Mistletoe” was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Complete Cast List from “Magic in Mistletoe” on Hallmark

  • Amy Trefry (Lindsey)
  • Deb Podowski (Mallory)
  • Robyn Bradley (Mayor Lisa) – Lisa has 40 acting credits including appearances in Hallmrk movies Christmas at the Golden Dragon and The Nine Kittens of Christmas.
  • Jacqueline Samuda (Lydia)
  • Raugi Yu (Lance Lightning)
  • Mila Jones (Bree)
  • P. Lynn Johnson (Sue)
  • Keith Martin Gordey (Marcus)
  • Kat Ruston (Susan)
  • Dawn Chubai (News Reporter)
  • Billy Wickman (Mason)
  • Thomas Darya (Reporter #1)
  • Michael Meneer (Reporter #2)
  • Arpad Balogh (Josh)
  • Emmanuel Bempong (White Hoodie Fan)
  • Milana Wan (Little Girl Fan)
  • Juliette Hawk (Young Fangirl)
  • Ian Ronningen (Driver)
  • Brett Wise (Baking Contestant)

What Christmas Movies Will Girls Gone Hallmark Review this Year

Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.

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