Lights, Camera, Christmas!

John Brotherton stars as the King of Christmas in Hallmark Channel’s “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” Listen in as Megan and Wendy rate and review this almost perfect Countdown to Christmas movie. Also starring Kimberley Sustad, Laura Soltis, and Matthew Kevin Anderson.

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Girls Gone Hallmark is a weekly podcast hosted by Megan and Wendy. Listen in as they review “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” starring John Brotherton and Kimberley Sustad.

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About “Lights, Camera, Christmas!”

  • This movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Writer Gary Goldstein has 21 writing credits, unfortunately no movies we’ve personally reviewed.
    • However, his IMDB indicates that he is given story credit for a 1992 episode “Beverly Hills 90210.”
    • He also wrote a 1990 episode of “Save By the Bell” called “Save the Max.”
  • David Weaver directed and he has done a lot with Hallmark. Of recent: “Marry Go Round,” “Royal Runaway Romance,” “Butlers in Love,” “Open By Christmas,” “Raise a Glass to Love,” several Wedding March movies – he has been BUSY the last three years.
  • Kimberley Sustad stars as Kerry. She was recently in this year’s “North to Home.”
    • She was also in last year’s “Nine Kittens of Christmas” and “Wedding Every Weekend” which is a Julie Sherman Wolfe movie.
  • John Brotherton plays Brad. He was in last year’s CCB movie “The Christmas Contest.” Of course he also played Dr. Matt Harmon on the Fuller House reboot. 
  • Laura Soltis plays Kerry’s mom.
    • We just recently saw her in “Autumn in the City.”
  • Matthew Kevin Anderson plays Caleb. He was in this year’s “Love, Classified” as well as some “Chesapeake Shores.”

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