Journey of My Heart

Megan and Wendy wrap up Hallmark Channel’s Summer Nights line up with a review of Journey of My Heart. Did you also think this movie was very similar to Chasing Waterfalls? And, most importantly, have you ever heard the Jeffrey Osborne classic “On the Wings of Love?”

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HALLMARK PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy review the very last movie of the Summer Nights series called Journey of My Heart. #Hallmarkies #HallmarkChannel #HallmarkMovie
Megan and Wendy review Journey of My Heart which premiered September 4, 2021 as part of Hallmark Channel’s Summer Nights.

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News and Notes for Journey of My Heart

  • This film was originally called Love on the Wings of Eagles.
  • Journey of My Heart was filmed in and around Vancouver.
  • According to Deck the Hallmark podcast, Journey of My Heart was produced by the same company that produced Chasing Waterfalls.

Have We Watched this Movie Before?

The storylines of Journey of My Heart and Chasing Waterfalls are so similar that Wendy texted Megan “This is Chasing Waterfalls with eagles.”

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Why on Earth would Hallmark green light two movies within the same year that have almost identical stories? Sure, we can accept that almost all Hallmark movies follow the same formula but the same story? Instead of searching for secret waterfalls, our lead searches for a secret spot for eagles. Same landscape, same hunky tour guide, same geo-tag snafu.

Spoiler: Journey of My Heart was probably the worst Hallmark movie of the year.

How Do the Summer Nights Movie Rate Overall?

Due to summer schedules, we only reviewed the later line up of Summer Nights which included six weeks of movies premiering July 31 – September 4, 2021. Here is our ranking of the Summer Nights line up:

  1. The 27-Hour Day
  2. Love, For Real
  3. Sweet Pecan Summer
  4. A Little Daytime Drama
  5. Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6
  6. Journey of My Heart

Hallmark Channel Fall Harvest 2021

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