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Welcome to Girls Gone Hallmark, the podcast where we discuss all things Hallmark movies! In this week’s episode, we are excited to review “Holiday Hotline” starring the charming Niall Matter and Emily Tennant. Julie Sherman Wolfe has written a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving and Christmas movie lineup. So sit back, relax, and let’s talk turkey!

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About “Holiday Hotline”

  • According to TV Mo Joe: HOLIDAY HOTLINE was cable’s most-watched primetime program with 2.3M viewers. That’s up roughly 15% from last year’s WHEN I THINK OF CHRISTMAS (2M)
  • Director – Mark Jean – 64 directing credits including cult favorite “The Nine Lives of Christma”s including a “A Kismet Christmas” and “Eight Gifts of Hannukah” for Hallmark.
  • This was written by Duane Poole and Julie Sherman Wolfe. Duane sadly passed away before he could finish writing this movie. Julie Sherman Wolfe took over and saw it to completion. Duane has 81 writing credits including “Winter in Vail” and “Next Stop, Christmas.”
  • Julie Sherman Wolfe has 36 writing credits which include the recent smash hit “Field Day,” last year’s “Hannukah on Rye” AND “A Holiday Spectacular.”
  • Emily Tennant (Abby) 93 acting credits including the 2007 movie “Juno,” a role in the Hallmark series “Cedar Cove” starring Andie McDowell, and recently a starring role in a movie either titled “A Deadly Surrogacy” or “The Baby Swindler.”
  • Niall Matter (Jack) with his surprise appearance in “The Santa Summit,” Niall’s current total of acting credits is 58. This year he was also in “Family History Mysteries: Buried Past.” We’re still waiting on news about getting a another movie in the series – hopefully in 2024.

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  • Myla Volk (Jessica) Myla has 6 acting credits, although she isn’t yet credited on IMDB for this film. This is her second Hallmark appearance. She was also in 2021’s crashing through the snow – a Christmas in July feature
  • Michael Strickland (Mike) 
  • Cora Matheson (Erica) 
  • Marina Stephenson Kerr (Margaret) 
  • Erik Athavale (Roger) 
  • Jan Skene (Diane) 
  • John B. Lowe (Gary) 
  • Jacob Blair (Jason) 
  • Candace Smith (Thelma) 
  • Lois Brothers (Holiday Hotline Operator #2) 
  • Henriette Ivanans (Holiday Hotline Operator #3) 
  • Lindsay Nance (Tami) 
  • Dan de Jaeger (Tony Mafia Guy) 
  • Kaylyn Bomback (Carla) 
  • Sydney Sabiston (Addie) Lisa 
  • Marie DiGiacinto (Audrey) 
  • Matthew Lupu (Gordi) 
  • Judith Harper (Shirley)
  • Jean-Jacques Javier (Chris) 
  • Cherly Soluk (Judy) 
  • Andrea del Campo (Kimberly)

What Christmas Movies Will Girls Gone Hallmark Review this Year

Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.

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