Girls Gone Hallmark: Hallmark Movie Reviews

When we launched Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy during the 2020 pandemic, we would never have imagined that shortly thereafter a series of bonus Hallmark movie reviews would become a regular feature. This post has been updated for 2022.

Below we’ve created a directory of all the Hallmark movies we’ve reviewed as Girls Gone Hallmark. If you’re looking for a Hallmark movie that premiered anytime between October 2020 and present day, we’ve likely reviewed it. Click on any link below to listen to our review.

Girls Gone Hallmark is a Hallmark movie reviews podcast hosted by Megan and Wendy (from the popular Long Story Short podcast). Listen in as they both recap, review and rate Hallmark Channel new movies. New episodes are available each Thursday!
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Girls Gone Hallmark has a new home!

We used to be a bonus episode under the Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy banner. Now, Girls Gone Hallmark is its very own podcast! We would love it if you would follow us over there and leave a review! New episodes drop weekly!

Who Are Girls Gone Hallmark?

Hi, we’re Megan and Wendy. Girls Gone Hallmark is a clever name created for our Hallmark movie reviews.

Hi, we're Megan and Wendy. Check out our podcast Girls Gone Hallmark where we recap, review, and rate new Hallmark Channel movies. Everything from Countdown to Christmas to monthly bonus original movies.
#HallmarkPodcast #HallmarkMovieReviews #HallmarkMoviesPodcast #GirlsGoneHallmark #BlubrryPodcast #PodBean

How It Started

Girls Gone Hallmark was born from an idea that Wendy had right before Countdown to Christmas 2020 premiered. She had never before seen a Hallmark movie and Megan was a longtime fan. Wendy’s come a long way from the Hallmark hater of those early days.

Girls Gone Hallmark Podcast

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Directory of Hallmark Movie Reviews

Countdown to Christmas – 2020

New Year New Movies – 2021

Love Ever After – 2021

Spring Fling – 2021

Bonus Original Movies – 2021

Summer Nights – 2021

Fall Harvest – 2021

Countdown to Christmas – 2021

New Year New Movies – 2022

Loveuary – 2022

Spring Into Love – 2022

May Bonus Original Movies – 2022

Summer Nights – 2022

Fall Into Love – 2022

Countdown to Christmas – 2022

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