Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO Game Cards

It’s the second annual Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO game! Just in time for the premiere of Hallmark Channel’s 2022 “Countdown to Christmas” and “Miracles of Christmas” holiday movie line up, these game sheets are perfect for one or for a group of Hallmark movie fans.

Below you’ll find a five FREE Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO game cards.

This post has been updated for holiday 2022.

Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO game cards. Free download, five sheets for group play. Updated for 2022. Countdown to Christmas BINGO, Miracles of Christmas BINGO, Lifetime Christmas Movie BINGO
Hallmark Christmas Movie Fans: Get your free BINGO game cards in time for the kick off of Countdown to Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this BINGO game card just for Hallmark Christmas movies?
    • No. You can use these BINGO sheets for just about any holiday movie you plan to watch this season. From Hallmark, UPtv, Lifetime, Disney+, Netflix or even your favorite classics.
  • Aren’t the tropes used mostly Hallmark related?
    • Sure, but it might be fun to see if you can get BINGO with any other movie.
  • What’s a Wowie-Zowie?
    • A Wowie-Zowie is a handsome leading man or leading lady.

How To Play Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO

There are Two Ways to Play Bingo

  • Print a Bingo sheet from below.
  • Snuggle up with a cup of cocoa or favorite festive cocktail and watch one of this week’s new Countdown to Christmas (Hallmark Channel) or Miracles of Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) movies.
  • Mark the square when you see it happen in the movie.

The challenge is to get five horizontally, five vertically or five diagonally. Better yet, black out – which means you’ve marked off every single box.

Post Your Bingo Game Card on Instagram

  • Visit our Instagram at @meganandwendy to find the BINGO image saved in our highlights.
  • Take a screenshot, mark it up and post it to your own Instagram stories.
  • Tag three other Hallmark fans so they can play along too.

If you’ve never played Bingo, check out this step-by-step Bingo tutorial.

Holiday Movies on Other Networks

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Download and Print Hallmark Movie BINGO Card for Free

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