Hallmark 2021 Fall Harvest Lineup

Did you know that we have a podcast? We do! And each and every week we publish a bonus episode of the podcast where we discuss the latest Hallmark original movie. I am a longtime Hallmark movie watcher, and Wendy watched her first Hallmark movie last year when we started the Countdown to Christmas Series. We are looking forward to the Hallmark Fall Harvest 2021 Lineup because it leads right into Countdown to Christmas, and this is the second best season of Hallmark movies of the year in my opinion

2021 Hallmark Fall Harvest Movie Lineup
Don’t miss a Fall Harvest movie this season on Hallmark!

This year there will be six movies in the Hallmark 2021 Fall Harvest lineup. The first movie premieres on Saturday, September 9th, and Fall Harvest will be immediately followed by Countdown to Christmas.

What’s on Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2021 Lineup?

Roadhouse Romance

Premiere Date: September 11, 2021
Starring: Tyler Hynes and Lauren Alaina

Get ready #hynies, Fall Harvest is coming in hot with one of our favorite Hallmark actors, Tyler Hynes. He stars alongside Lauren Alaina, former American Idol runner-up. We think with a name like Roadhouse Romance, we might get to hear Lauren sing. Does Tyler sing, too? I’m not sure we can handle it if he does.

Raise a Glass to Love

Premiere Date: September 18, 2021
Starring: Laura Osnes, Juan Pablo di Pace, Jennifer Huether

Is the name Juan Pablo di Pace familiar to you? If you’ve ever seen Fuller House on Netflix, it should be! He played Fernando, and we are thrilled to see him make the move to Hallmark, like fellow Fuller House star and Queen of Christmas, Candace Cameron Buré.

Taking the Reins

Premiere Date: September 25, 2021
Starring: Nikki deLoach and Scott Porter

We don’t have a preview of this movie, because Hallmark is often editing these films right down to the wire, but we loved Nikki deLoach in Cranberry Christmas, so we can’t wait to see her onscreen again.

Love Strikes Twice

Premiere Date: October 2, 2021
Starring: Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash

We love when Hallmark does a little “what if” time travel back to your past movie, and we can’t wait to see Katie Findlay from Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist in this movie.

Fun fact: Wyatt Nash’s career was kickstarted after he appeared on Survivor in 2011.

South Beach Love

Premiere Date: October 9, 2021
Starring: Taylor Cole and William Levy

I’m pretty sure this is William Levy’s first Hallmark appearance, but Taylor Cole is no newcomer. We saw her most recently in One Winter Wedding.

Advice to Love By

Premiere Date: October 16, 2021
Starring: Erinn Westbrook and Brooks Darnell

Erinn Westbrook is new to Hallmark, after appearing in Riverdale, but Brooks Darnell is making his second appearance of 2021 after starring in A Winter Getaway.

Where can I watch the Hallmark Fall Harvest movies?

If you don’t have a cable plan that includes Hallmark, the best way to watch Hallmark movies is via the FRNDLY app. The Hallmark Movies Now app doesn’t include access to all movies, and not any new releases. The FRNDLY app has live programming of several channels including Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. There are also on demand options and a built in DVR. Perhaps the very best feature of FRNDLY is the 72 Hour Lookback, where you can scroll back three days in the guide and retroactively record or watch anything you might have missed!

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