One Perfect Wedding

Girls Gone Hallmark is back and this time we’re here with a One Perfect Wedding movie review! Originally titled One Winter Wedding this is the third (and final?) in a trilogy of movies that includes One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal. Listen to this episode to hear what we liked, what we wished for, and our favorite “Did you see that?!” moments from the movie.

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Girls Gone Hallmark One Perfect Wedding Hallmark Movie Review
Megan and Wendy share a review of One Perfect Wedding, a Hallmark Channel Original movie that premiered on April 3, 2021.

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News and Notes on One Perfect Wedding

  • One Perfect Wedding was filmed in Whistler, Canada at the Sasquatch Mountain Resort
  • This movie was was originally titled One Winter Wedding, but script delays and pandemic protocols pushed this wedding to the spring
  • One Perfect Wedding is the third movie in a trilogy, following One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal
  • Taylor Cole met her husband while filming a Hallmark movie!
  • Jaxon Turner worked for Google for ten years before turning to acting!

Mentioned in This Episode

We love Rukiya Bernard! Let’s start a campaign for her to have her own Hallmark movie in a starring role!

Rukiya Bernard discusses Dewshane WIlliam’s absence from this film
What song was playing at the wedding in One Perfect Wedding? Close to You, by Calvin Harris

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