Fall Into Love 2022 continues on the Hallmark Channel with its latest movie “Girlfriendship.” Listen in as Megan and Wendy recap and review this friend-centric film starring Tamera Mowry-Housley, Krystal Joy Brown, Lyndie Greenwood, and Brad James.

A question for you from our Hallmark News and Notes section of the show. Did you see “BROS” starring Luck Macfarlane? Email us your thoughts at [email protected].

NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy are Girls Gone Hallmark. Listen in as they review the Hallmark Channel's newest film "Girlfriendship" starring Tamera Mowry-Housely. This movie was also directed by Keshia Knight Pulliam and centers around the lives of three life-long friends.
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Did you know “Girlfriendship” was filmed on location where the movie takes place? Listen to the new podcast where Megan and Wendy recap and review the newest Tamara Mowry-Housley film from the Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark News and Notes

Girls Gone Hallmark has a new home!

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Notes About “Girlfriendship”

  • This movie was shot in the same location where the storyline takes place: Edisto Island off the South Carolina coast.
  • Some of this was partially shot at the Black Octopus Mercantile in North Charleston.
  • It was originally titled “Girlfriends’ Summer Getaway.”
  • Instagram sleuths deduced that this movie was originally expected to premiere in July.
  • “Girlfriendship” was directed by Keshia Knight Pulliam.
    • Keshia Knight Pulliam is probably best known as Rudy Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.”
    • Knight Pulliam is married to actor Brad James (he plays Kareem in this movie). 

Did you know Tamera Mowry-Housley Has a Wellness Brand?

Mowry-Housely started the wellness brand ANSER when she realized she needed to take charge of her health. Supplements included melatonin, vitamin D, and immunity boost.

She also has a memoir titled “You Should Sit Down for This: A Memoir About Wine, Life, and Cookies” as well as a series of books for tweens she co-wrote with her sister Tia Mowry. Get the Twintuition books here.

Countdown to Christmas is Coming!

We’ve made a list of the Countdown to Christmas movies and we’re checking it twice!

Here’s a list of the Hallmark Christmas movies we are reviewing for 2022. Don’t miss the chance to vote on a few of the movies. Join our Girls Gone Hallmark Facebook Group today.

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