Everything Coming to the Hallmark Channel in February

Although the new year has just begun, the Hallmark Channel is already drumming up excitement for what’s in store for next month. Starting on Saturday, February 3rd, the channel will kick off its much-anticipated “Loveuary” lineup of movies but with heavy inspiration from Jane Austen. So, let’s take a closer look at what is coming to Hallmark Channel in February. This post has been updated for 2024.

Starting on Saturday, February 3rd, the channel will kick off its much-anticipated "Loveuary" lineup of movies but with heavy inspiration from Jane Austen.
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Hallmark Channel’s Loveuary With Jane Austen Lineup

Paging Mr. Darcy
Stars: Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp
Saturday, February 3rd at 8pm EST/PST
Story: Thanks to a shared admiration for Jane Austen’s tales, two individuals were finally able to put their egos aside and confess their belief in love.

News and Notes: Peter Wellington directed and this appears to be his first Hallmark movie. However, he has a solid résumé with 24 previous directing credits including several sitcoms like “Children Ruin Everything” and Kim’s Convenience.”

  • We last saw Mallory Jansen in “Francesca Quinn, PI” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
  • Will Kemp made a surprising cameo in “A Merry Scottish Christmas” and star in “A Not So Royal Christmas” both from the 2023 Countdown to Christmas season.

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Love & Jane
Stars: Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres
Saturday, February 10th at 8pm EST/PST
Story: A woman finds guidance from Jane Austen.

News and Notes: Ali Sweeney recently posted on her Instagram that this movie was directed by David Weaver, who has previously directed an incredible amount of Hallmark movies including “Christmas Island,” “Sweeter Than Chocolate,” “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” as well as the forthcoming “Holidazed.

  • Ali Sweeney was last in the second installment of “A Hannah Swensen Mystery” with “A Zest for Death.” Sweeney was sorely missed in the 2023 Countdown to Christmas line up.
  • While Benjamin Ayres appeared in two Hallmark Christmas movies, including “Miracle in Bethlehem, PA” and “Our Christmas Mural.” He also was in “Field Day” – which was one of our favorites last year.

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Four Jane Austen Inspired Movies on Hallmark Channel in February

An American in Austen
Stars: Eliza Bennett, Nicholas Bishop, and Nell Barlow
Saturday, February 17th at 8pm EST/PST
Story: A librarian who thinks that no man can live up to Mr. Darcy gets an unexpected chance to find out if that’s true.

News and Notes: Another Hallmark movie being kept under wraps. We will update with all the information as it becomes available.

  • Eliza Bennett is an English actor and probably best known for her role as Amanda Carrington on the reboot of “Dynasty.” This appears to be her first Hallmark movie.
  • Nicholas Bishop was last seen in “A Paris Proposal.” This marks his second Hallmark movie and we’re glad to see him back!
  • Nell Barlow is brand new to Hallmark with just eight previous acting credits.

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Sense & Sensibility
Stars: Deborah Ayorinde, Bethany Antonia, Dan Jeannotte, and Akil Largie
Saturday, February 24th at 8pm EST/PST
Story: The Hallmark Mahogany film takes place in the early 19th century follows the two Dashwood sisters Elinore and Marianne and their widowed mother as they are forced to leave their rich family estate at Norland Park and move to Barton Cottage, a modest home on the property of distant relative . There Elinor and Marianne experience love, romance, and heartbreak while dealing with their new found poverty. 

News and Notes: This movie was filmed in Bulgaria, Ireland and London according to BFTV and was directed by Roger M. Bobb who has previously directed “Christmas with a Kiss,” “A Nashville Legacy,” and “The Holiday Stocking” for Hallmark.

  • This is Deborah Ayorinde’s first Hallmark movie. She’s been in the series “Them,” “True Detective” and the movie “Girls Trip.”
  • Bethany Antonia is also brand new to Hallmark. She’s an English-born actor who is probably best known as Margot in the Netflix series “Get Even.”
  • Dan Jeannotte is a familiar Hallmark face. He was last seen in “A Christmas Mural” during the 2023 Countdown to Christmas season.

What’s On Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in February?

Two new movies have been announced for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in February. A Monday night premiere – which is sort of weird, and has many of us scratching our heads. Plus, a brand new mystery starring Luke Macfarlane and Lynne Greenwood.

Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers
Stars: Ali Skovbye, Danny Griffin, and Nathan Witte
Friday, February 2 at 9pm C
Story: A society page writer in 1895 Rhode Island witnesses a murder while attending a ball at the Vanderbilt mansion and is drawn into the investigation when her brother is arrested. 

News and notes: Ali Skovbye played young Tully in 26 episodes of “Firefly Lane” on Netflix. She is also the younger sister of Tiera Skovbye who we last saw in the “Ride” series for Hallmark.

A Taste of Love
Stars: Erin Cahill and Jesse Kove
Monday, February 19th at 8pm EST/PST
Story: A chef who has been pigeonholed in her career is determined to establish herself as a respected culinary expert. She returns to her hometown and reconnects with her childhood sweetheart. As fate would have it, she is presented with an offer that she simply can’t turn down.

News and notes: It looks like this movie stars, not one, but two actors who have appeared in “Cobra Kai” – the Karate Kid reboot on Netflix. Jesse Kove (who plays lead Jacob) appeared as David in one episode of the series. But get this…Jesse’s real life dad, Martin Kove also stars and is best known as bad guy Sensei John Kreese from the original movies and the reboot. According to Reddit, this movie is an acquisition and was made in 2021.

Crime Time: Freefall
Stars: Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane
Friday, February 23 at 8pm EST/PST

Story: Actress Hadley Warner, known for her roles in various crime series, retires to a small town. Here, she stumbles upon her very first real-life case. Armed with her extensive knowledge of crime from TV shows, she teams up with Detective Caden to crack the case and bring justice to the community.

News and notes: Not a lot yet released about this new crime series. While we love to see Luke Macfarlane in more comedic roles, the fans are really hoping for a new Hallmark mystery to keep coming back to.

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