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Welcome to Girls Gone Hallmark, the podcast where we dig deep into all things Hallmark with your hosts Megan and Wendy! Today, we’re thrilled to have the charming and talented Erik Athavale joining us for a chat. Not only is Erik a familiar face from Hallmark’s beloved movies like “Holiday Hotline” and “The Santa Summit” from the 2023 Countdown to Christmas line up, but he’s also making waves on the big screen in “Ordinary Angels,” and the Canadian comedy series “Acting Good.” So grab your cocoa and cozy up as we get insight on his career journey from Erik himself!

Listen in as Girls Gone Hallmark interview Erik Athavale, beloved actor seen in several fan-favorite Hallmark movies as well as the comedy TV series "Acting Good." He shares insights into his career journey and latest projects. #HallmarkMovies #PodcastInterview #ErikAthavale

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Mentioned in this Interview with Erik Athavale

Erik mentioned this video of Bryan Cranston (Emmy winning actor known for his portrayal of Walter White on the series “Breaking Bad”) giving advice to aspiring actors.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1WiCGq-PcY?si=-sdKd6RYO3ZoXg1M&w=560&h=315]

Some of Erik’s Favorite Actors Include:

  • Fuad Ahmed – a Pakistani-born actor with 67 acting credits including Hallmark’s “A Not So Royal Christmas” as well as the Netflix series “Painkiller” and Hulu’s “The Hardy Boys.”
  • Julie Nolke – actor, writer, and comedian. Seen here on her 1M+ follower YouTube channel and from movies like “The Wedding Rule.”
  • Amy Groening – film and television actor seen in a number of Hallmark movies, including “The Santa Summit,” “Miracle in Bethlehem, PA” and “We Wish You a Married Christmas.”
  • Stephanie Sy – a phenomenal singer and actor who wowed fans in “The Santa Summit,” and appeared in “Ordinary Angels,” Hallmark’s “Miracle in Bethlehem, PA” and “A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe.”
  • Pallavi Sharda – international film and theater actor who has appeared in 29 projects, including “Wedding Season” on Netflix.

Where to Watch “Acting Good”

“Acting Good” is a Canadian television comedy series starring comedian Paul Rabliauskas as a young First Nations man who returns home to live in his small reserve community in northern Manitoba. Erik Athavale co-stars as Greg and the show is currently in pre-production for Season 3.

You can find “Acting Good” on CTV Comedy Channel and the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network which is available through Apple TV.

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  1. What a delightful interview! I don’t know your voices but which ever one of you said you don’t do inteviews because they scare you, this was lovely! I really felt like I got to know some of the real Erik, gently directed by your interaction. I’d be happy to give you a five star rating but I couldn’t find where to do that! Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. Thank you Terry! Erik made it easy! The best way to leave a review is in the Apple Podcast app if you’re an iPhone user. Just find Girls Gone Hallmark, scroll down and there will be a space for a rating and a review!

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