Dormeo Sample Sponsorship Package

Welcome! Looking to understand how sponsored posts can elevate your brand awareness and reach? Dive right in! Here, we’re showcasing a complete sponsored post package, designed and executed specifically for Dormeo, a leading sleep solutions company.

This comprehensive example provides a glimpse into the different elements and strategies we employed to create an impactful and engaging campaign for them. Get ready to see the power of collaboration and creative storytelling in action!

It All Starts With a Blog Post

Blog posts excel at building brand awareness by offering valuable and engaging content that establishes your brand as a thought leader and resource within your industry. Plus, blog posts live on forever and will be found by readers long after the campaign ends. We use best SEO practices so that our content is found in Google searches.

Let’s Get Social!

We promote the blog post, and by extension your brand, across social media, building awareness and driving traffic back to the blog post.

A Picture (or a video) Is Worth 1000 Words

Instagram’s visual nature makes it ideal for capturing attention, sparking conversations, and showcasing your brand personality, all contributing to increased brand awareness.

The slides were shared as Instagram Stories.

Podcast Advertising

Podcasts offer a unique avenue for brand awareness with a loyal and engaged audience.

You can hear a sample midroll ad at 16:20 in the episode below.