Hallmark’s Christmas Convention Debut

‘Tis the season for warmth, joy, and a sprinkle of magic, where Hallmark movies reign supreme. Beyond the screen, the enchantment continues at the annual “Christmas Cons,” where fans unite with stars. These merry gatherings celebrate all things Yuletide, offering a festive haven for enthusiasts. Yet, in the jingle of this year’s festivities, competition among Christmas Cons intensifies. A groundbreaking event looms, poised to revolutionize the scene.

Hallmark Media announced the first annual Hallmark Christmas Experience. This is essentially a Hallmark Christmas convention where fans can meet and greet Hallmark celebrities. Read all the details inside.

Hallmark Channel, known for its beloved lineup of heartwarming Christmas movies, announced on May 15, 2024 that they will be hosting their first-ever Hallmark Christmas Experience. This immersive event will be held every weekend from November 29 to December 23, 2024 at the Crown Center in Kansas City, Mo.

From free activities like a Christmas market and a Card Sending Station to paid meet-and-greets with Hallmark stars, KC locals and hardcore Hallmark fans can expect an unforgettable celebration of the season.

Tickets go on sale on May 16, 2024. See more ticket information here.

Hallmark’s Pricey ‘Be Merry’ Package and More

While the ‘Experience the Square’ package offers several free things to do, there are a few activities that will cost you some precious pennies. Including food, ice skating, and a light walk. For the hardcore Hallmarkies looking for a photo op, they’ll need to buy a ticket for the ‘Be Merry’ or ‘Find Magic’ packages.

Starting at $259 (yes, you read that right), the ‘Be Merry’ package includes a guaranteed seat for two special events held inside The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center. Those events are A Look Behind the Lens with Hallmark Stars where fan favorite stars share stories and reminisce about Hallmark movies. The second event is Reindeer Games with Hallmark Stars where you can watch your favorites compete in festive games.

The ‘Find Magic’ package is $699 (no gifts for anyone but you this year!). This package includes all the fun of the ‘Be Merry’ package plus an exclusive photo op with “a group of Hallmark stars,” a marathon of Hallmark movies, access to create and learn with Hallmark artists, exclusive access to a holiday pop-up bar, a chance to book the Hallmark Christmas Bed & Breakfast at The Westing Kansas City at Crown Center, as well as access to the VIP lounge.

Will Tickets to Individual Events Be Sold?

Are these packages too rich for your budget? Looks like a limited amount of tickets for individual events will be available for purchase this summer. Those tickets are estimated from $5 – $99.

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Battle of the Christmas Conventions

But this announcement hasn’t gone unnoticed by other players in the Christmas Con circuit. One notable competitor is the annual New Jersey event hosted by That’s 4 Entertainment. For years, this convention has been a staple for Hallmark enthusiasts, offering a variety of meet-and-greets with celebrity guests. With Hallmark’s entry into the arena, the competition amongst Christmas Cons is fiercer than ever.

Fans and attendees now find themselves faced with a delightful dilemma: which Christmas Con to attend? With both events vying for attention and attendance, one thing is certain: this holiday season is shaping up to be the ultimate showdown amongst the Hallmark Christmas Cons.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on all the latest developments and announcements from both the Hallmark Christmas Experience and That’s 4 Entertainment’s Christmas Con. The battle for Christmas convention supremacy is on, and it’s bound to be one for the books!

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