Crown the King of Hallmark – A Dudes of Hallmark Bracket

If you’ve listened to even one episode of Girls Gone Hallmark, you know we love the men of Hallmark movies and series. And how could we not! Just for fun, we thought we would let you help us crown the king of Hallmark! Play along in our dudes of Hallmark bracket!

Voting is now closed for the 2023 King of Hallmark bracket. Congratulations to Tyler Hynes!

crown the king of hallmark
Who will be your King of Hallmark?

Who is the King of Hallmark?

It’s possible that everyone has a different answer for this, but we know the fandoms play hard. From #hynies, to #walkies and the new to us #paulmarkies, the men of Hallmark have their ride or die fans!

Tyler Hynes was crowned the King of Hallmark by fans in March 2023. He beat out 31 other handsome and talented actors who often appear on the Hallmark Channel.
#TylerHynes #Hynies
Tyler Hynes was crowned King by fans in March 2023.

Who is in the King of Hallmark Bracket?

There are 32 men who appear in Hallmark movies and series in our Hallmark bracket. While it wasn’t possible to include them all, we worked hard to include those who are actively making new content for Hallmark.

You can see all 32 men included in the bracket below!

Watch us seed the bracket live!

Download and Print Your King of Hallmark Bracket

Our bracket includes 32 men of Hallmark movies and series.

Help us Crown the King of Hallmark!

Starting on Thursday, March 23 at 6:00pm PST, voting will begin in our Instagram Stories!

Voting is easy, simply view our stories and choose between two men of Hallmark on each slide.

Voting will continue daily until we have crowned a King of Hallmark

Follow us on Instagram and make sure to cast your vote!

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