Coyote Creek Christmas

Megan and Wendy review Hallmark Channel’s “Coyote Creek Christmas” for this week’s bonus Girls Gone Hallmark episode. The movie stars fan-favorite Ryan Paevey and the super-likable Janel Parish. Lots of storylines to unpack in this one and you might be surprised when you hear their rating. Plus, lots and lots of talk up top about GAC Family, what the fans are saying, and how Hallmark’s “tried and true” actors are reacting.

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Megan and Wendy review Coyote Creek Christmas which premiered on Saturday, October 30, 2021 as part of the Countdown to Christmas line up.

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GAC Family Controversy

We’ve been talking about GAC Family for several weeks now. In part one of our Countdown to Christmas preview, we talked briefly about what GAC Family is and their mission that “celebrates American culture, lifestyle and heritage with original holiday-themed family-friendly movies and series.”

Many suggest that “family friendly” means entertainment represented by heterosexual couples only.

You can listen to the episode: Countdown to Christmas Preview, Part One also picked up a tweet exchange, including ours, in a article titled “Hallmark Stars Speak Out About Competing Network GAC Family” written by Stephanie Dube Dwilson.

Paul Campbell might be our new, favorite leading Hallmark man after these tweets. He also might be reconsidered for a retroactive Wowie-Zowie award.

Listen to our review of Paul Campbell’s Countdown to Christmas movie The Santa Stakeout.

We’ve been hard on the Hallmark Channel this year for their baby steps towards inclusivity in their original movies but at least they are making forward progress and we can appreciate that. We’d love to talk with Paul Campbell or Emilie Ullerup, or any Hallmark actors, writers, or directors who have feelings about the GAC Family mission and on taking future work with that company.

News and Notes

  • Filming started in August and wrapped in September.
  • Filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. Including Bridge Studios to film interior spaces.
  • We SWEAR the interior of the Coyote Creek Inn was the same interior used in Janel Parish’s last Hallmark film Right in Front of Me though we cannot find anything to confirm – other than our eyes say so.
  • Cameron Bancroft plays Rick Parker, Paige’s dad. Brancroft played college-student Joe Bradley in Beverly Hills, 90210. He is 54 years old. Janel Parish is 33. Yes, age-wise, he could be her dad. But, this dude was acting like he was ready to find a spot at an assisted living facility. Why is he taking super mature roles?
  • No digital snow in the making of this Hallmark movie.

When Will Coyote Creek Christmas Air Again?

Hallmark Channel premiered Coyote Creek Christmas on Saturday, October 30, 2021. Additional airings include: (psst…check out the Frndly app. So easy to use, record, and stream most Hallmark Channel movies)

  • November 4th, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd and 30th (times vary, check listings)
  • December 10th, 16th, 25th and 31st (times vary, check listings)

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