Christmas Island

Are you ready for some holiday cheer? Girls Gone Hallmark is back with a brand new Hallmark movie review, and this time Megan and Wendy are chatting about “Christmas Island” starring Andrew Walker and Rachel Skarsten. So grab some hot cocoa (or call downstairs for a coffee) and settle in for a hilarious and heartwarming discussion of “Christmas Island” on Girls Gone Hallmark.

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About “Christmas Island”

  • Andrew Walker (Oliver MacLeod) – Andrew has 85 acting credits include the Curious Caterer series, last year’s smash hit Three Wise Men and a Baby, and an appearance as hot guy Mike on an episode of the Big Bang Theory.
  • Rachel Skarsten (Kate Gabriel) – Rachel’s 44 acting credits include roles in last year’s The Royal Nanny as well as the character Beth Kane in the Batwoman series.
  • Kate Drummond (Helen Sharpe) – Helen’s 68 acting credits are usually grittier fare. She had a role in Five Days at Memorial, the mini series about a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina. She’s also appeared in My Mom Made Me do it, Pretty Cheaters, and Deadly Lies.

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  • Jefferson Brown (Thomas Sharpe) – Jefferson has 95 acting credits that include the series’ The Way Home, When Hope Calls and The Good Witch. We’re starting a campaign for Brown to star in a leading Hallmark role.
  • Peter MacNeill (Jim MacLeod) – Peter has 208 credits and we recently saw him as the grandfather in Flipping For Christmas. His credits are vast, but he was also in The Good Witch series throughout its seven series run.
  • Lauren Hammersley (Maggie Hughes) Lauren may only have 12 acting credits, but she makes an impression on screen. On Virgin River she’s the character Charmaine who you love to hate. 

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  • Britt Loder (Cali Sharpe) – Loder has 4 acting credits – all small roles but made an impression in this one.
  • Lincoln MacNeil (Finn Sharpe) – MacNeil is an up and comber also with just 4 acting credits!
  • Directed by: David Weaver His 41 acting credits include a ton of Hallmark like Sweeter than Chocolate and Lights, Camera, Christmas. He’s also the director of the Hallmark series Holidazed that still hasn’t received a release date.

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  • Written by: Samantha Herman – Samanta has 15 writing credits including Our Italian Christmas Memories and Game of Love  and…Mingle All the Way and A Fabled Holiday. AND Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday – a dark horse of a Jen Lilley movies. 
  • Filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in August. Christmas Island is a real place about 3.5 hours away from Halifax, but no filming was done there.
  • Did you know: Adorned with colourful buoys, twinkling lights and evergreen boughs, towering Christmas trees fashioned out of carefully stacked lobster traps are becoming regular fixtures in fishing communities across Nova Scotia. The traps are then festooned with over 180 wooden and plastic buoys, each painted in a unique pattern pertaining to a local fishing boat and most inscribed with the names of fishermen lost at sea.

What Christmas Movies Will Girls Gone Hallmark Review this Year

Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.
Girls Gone Hallmark reviews Hallmark movies, including the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas movies.

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