Christmas in Tahoe

Megan and Wendy review Christmas in Tahoe starring Laura Osnes and Kyle Selig. This original Hallmark Channel movie premiered on Sunday, November 28, 2021 as part of Countdown to Christmas line up. The biggest takeaway from this movie is the following question: Was Pat Monahan from Train the draw for this musical Christmas movie?

Ton of mixed reviews on Christmas in Tahoe. Did you like movie? Email the show at [email protected].

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy review Christmas in Tahoe, an original Hallmark Channel movie starring Laura Osnes, Kyle Selig and Train's Pat Monahan. 
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Megan and Wendy review “Christmas in Tahoe” in this brand new podcast episode!

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News and Notes

  • This movie was written by Nina Weinman, Zach Lewis and Stephanie Jackson.
    • Weinman told Girls Gone Hallmark that some of the script was from her but “had to let go of this one since the production happened at the same time as two others.” She also thought the new writers did a great job.
  • The film was shot in the Vancouver region of Canada, not along the state line of California and Nevada where actual Lake Tahoe is located.
  • Lynda Boyd and Paul McGillion appeared in two movies over Merry Thanksgiving Weekend. This film as well as An Unexpected Christmas starring Tyler Hynes (they played his parents).
Lynda Boyd and Paul McGillion starred in both “An Unexpected Christmas” and “Christmas in Tahoe.”
  • Apparently the movie was based on Train’s 2015 Christmas album titled “Christmas in Tahoe.”
  • Train has two songs that appear in this movie, including “Shake Up Christmas” and a new single called “Mittens.”

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