Beverly Hills Wedding

Love is in the air! Hallmark Channel’s “Love Ever After” line up kicks off with “Beverly Hills Wedding” starring Brendan Penny as Cory and Brooke D’Orsay as Molly. Listen in as Megan and Wendy recap and review this brand new movie. Plus, the two reminisce about another television show with a similar title. Email the show at [email protected].

Beverly Hills Wedding Movie Review - Girls Gone Hallmark Episode

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What is Beverly Hills Wedding About?

“Beverly Hills Wedding” stars Brooke D’Orsay as Molly who jumps into wedding planning for her little sister Sophia. Things go sideways when Molly enters and wins a fancy wedding through a sweepstakes entry. Will Molly and celebrity wedding planner Terrence Roquefort bulldoze Sophia and Jordan into a lavish wedding? How does Molly’s ex Cory play a role in the planning process? Will Molly eventually put aside her utter annoyance with Cory? Spoiler alert: it all works out wonderfully in this solid 3/4 star Hallmark feature.

Quotes from Hallmark Channel's new movie Beverly Hills Wedding. #LoveEverAfter
One of the best lines in Beverly Hills Wedding. This is Cory’s response when wedding planner Terrence Roquefort tells him and Jordan that they are “straight out of central casting.”

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News and Notes about Beverly Hills Wedding

There are conflicting reports about where exactly Beverly Hills Wedding was filmed. From one source, the movie was filmed throughout the cities of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, California. Another source claims it was filmed in Canada and British Columbia.

There were city shots of both Beverly Hills and Santa Monica used throughout the movie, yet, at no time were the actors ever in those shots.

If we were betting women, we’d conclude this movie was filmed entirely in Canada.

This quote is from a really funny scene in Beverly Hills Wedding where the couple and the wedding planner disagree about wedding cake. #BeverlyHillsWedding
Bring on the wedding cake! This is a great scene in Beverly Hills Wedding.

Mentioned in this episode

We couldn’t help but notice the terribly dated font used in the opening credits. Megan was able to capture the graphic when she snapped this photo!

Are we the only ones who hated the font used in the opening credits of Hallmark Channel’s Beverly Hills Wedding?

Yay for great music! We loved the cover of Weezer’s Beverly Hills. It gave us all the music montage feels.

Did you know that we are hard core Beverly Hills, 90210 fans? We’re written a lot about the show here over the years. See our Ultimate Guide and our night at the Peach Pit Pop Up. We’re still looking for that clip of Donna Martin declaring that Jeremy Jordan is “alright.”

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