A Winter Getaway

Megan and Wendy recap and review Hallmark Channel’s A Winter Getaway starring Brooks Darnell and Nazneen Contractor. One question: What happened to the chili dog lunch? Email the show at [email protected].

Megan and Wendy review A Winter Getaway which premiered on the Hallmark Channel on January 23, 2021 as part of the New Year, New Movies lineup.
A Winter Getaway stars Brooks Darnell as Joe and Nazneed Contractor as Courtney in this movie about mistaken identity and how that affects a budding romance.

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News and Notes for A Winter Getaway

  • This movie was originally going to be called Love in the Alps and also Love in the Rockies.
  • A Winter Getaway was actually filmed in Banff, Alberta.
  • The gorgeous Fairmont Banff Springs Fairmont was used for the last scene as well as when we watched Joe and Courtney eat lunch after heli-skiing.
  • Brooks Darnell commented that he was happy to see Hallmark move in the direction of creating stories with people from diverse backgrounds. You can read the full interview here.
  • This movie drew some criticism about the sound level of the music which made it difficult to hear character dialogue.
Who doesn't love banging on the computer keyboard when it won't load? Joe tells Courtney that her method isn't going to work. Take it from the Cyber Gopher - he might know a thing or two about computers. #AWinterGetaway
Joe cautions Courtney that hitting the computer doesn’t usually actually make the computer work better in A Winter Getaway.

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Hallmark Channel’s New Year, New Movies Schedule

Hallmark Movie has been dropping a few truth bombs in their New Year, New Movies lineup. This one Joe says to Courtney after hearing about an especially difficult client. #AWinterGetaway
Joe reacts to Courtney’s story of a difficult client.

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A twist in the Hallmark Movie universe as Brooks Darnell tells Nazneen Contractor that he's "falling in love" rather than that he's simply in love with her. #AWinterGetaway #HallmarkMovie
Joe tells Courtney that he’s falling in love, not that he’s in love.

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