A Whitewater Romance

Join us for another fun episode of “Girls Gone Hallmark!” In today’s episode, Megan and Wendy dive into their review of the latest Hallmark Channel original, “A Whitewater Romance.” Starring Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth, this film is full of gorgeous scenery and follows the very classic Hallmark trope of enemies to lovers. Can someone tell us why Busby seems to have a penchant for wilderness-themed movies? Plus, listen for some thrilling Girls Gone Hallmark news at the top of the episode.

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A podcast review of the latest Hallmark Channel original movie, "A Whitewater Romance." Starring Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth.

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News and Notes About “A Whitewater Romance”

  • This was directed by Jason Bourque. He has 57 previous directing credits, including “A World Record Christmas” and “Ms. Christmas Comes to Town” from last year’s Countdown to Christmas. Other Hallmark movies include “A Game of Love” and “My Christmas Family Tree” amongst others.
  • “A Whitewater Romance” was written by Juliana Wimbles. She is both an actress and a writer and this marks her 5th writing credit. Previous writing credits for Hallmark include “Love in the Maldives,” “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating,” and “A Splash of Love.”
  • Cindy Busby stars as Maya from Manhattan. Cindy has made a name for herself at Hallmark having starred in a number of movies for the channel. Notable films include “Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance,” “Chasing Waterfalls” and “Hearts Down Under.” Fun fact: Cindy has a Cameo account where you can request a special message from her. She has 117 5-STAR ratings.
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth stars as Malibu Matt. We’ve seen Benjamin quite a bit on Hallmark as of lately. He was in “The Santa Summit” last Countdown to Christmas, followed by “An Easter Bloom” earlier this year and now “A Whitewater Romance.” Benjamin is also busy as Dan Brady on the Netflix hit “Virgin River.”

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  • Kate Twa plays Allegra. She’s been in quite a few Hallmark and Lifetime-esque movies in the last four years but this isn’t her first film for Hallmark as she appeared in the 2022 movie “We Need a Little Christmas.”
  • William deVry plays Jim. He has 51 previous acting credits with a whopping 687 episode run on General Hospital as Julian Jerome and 109 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful as Storm Logan. For Hallmark, he’s appeared in 2 episodes of Cedar Cove back in 2014.
  • Edwin Perez plays Luis. Edwin has 78 previous acting credits including “Game of Love,” “Just One Kiss,” and “Butlers in Love” for Hallmark.
  • Alisha-Maria Ahamed plays Claire. She has 17 previous acting credits including “Our Italian Christmas Memories” from 2022.
  • Sophia Carriere plays Maya’s younger sister Carmen. She has just 6 previous acting credits including a Lifetime movie called “The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story” which also co-starred friend of the show Erik Athavale.

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  • Finally, Heather Doerksen (pronounced DIRK-SIN) plays Maya’s boss Marilyn. She has 92 acting credits and has appeared in several Hallmark movies including “Fourth Down and Love” and “All of My Heart: The Wedding.”
  • This movie was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, in both the Squamish and Burnaby regions. Filming took place from September to October 2023.
  • Director Jason Boruque wrote on his instagram back in October 2023 that he and the crew “braved glacier rivers, class 4 rapids, forest zip lining, aggressive squirrels and a few torrential downpours.”

Watch the Trailer for “A Whitewater Romance”

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