A Dickens of a Holiday!

There haven’t been many movies that Megan and Wendy disagree on this Hallmark holiday season but they are certainly NOT on the same page with “A Dickens of Holiday!” starring Brooke D’Orsay and Kristoffer Polaha.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Megan and Wendy recap and review #HallmarkChannel "A Dickens of a Holiday!" starring Brooke D'Orsay and Kristoffer Polaha.

Megan and Wendy review Hallmark Channel movies including the new, original “A Dickens of a Holiday!” starring Brooke D’Orsay.

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News and Notes About “A Dickens of a Holiday!”

  • This movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Its original title while filming was “The Christmas Stand-In.”
  • The budget for this movie was estimated at $2.6 million, according to IMDb.
  • Directed by Paul Ziller (Roadhouse Romance, Beverly Hills Wedding), written by Mark Hefti (My Christmas Family Tree, Beverly Hills Wedding) and Julie Sherman Wolfe (You, Me & the Christmas Trees, Right in Front of Me).

Kristoffer Polaha is a Published Author

At the time of recording we weren’t aware that Kristoffer Polaha writes novels. He announced on his Instagram in September 2021 that the forthcoming “Where the Sun Rises” will be released in March 2022. This is the second book of five in the series “From Kona with Love” that he co-wrote with Anna Gomez.

The first book is titled “Moments Like This” (also co-written with Anna Gomez) is about a multicultural romance, love, loss, and redemption woven into a family saga set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

“Where the Sun Rises” is available for pre-order.

Is Kristoffer Polaha a Wowie-Zowie?

On the pod, you’ll hear Megan suggest that we need to modify our Dudes of Hallmark t-shirt to include Kristoffer Polaha who played Jake in A Dickens of a Holiday! Wendy disagrees and stands firm that Polaha doesn’t check the wowie-zowie box. We’ll need the listeners to weigh in!

We did find this scene of Polaha in front of a green screen as one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars pretty dang funny.

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